Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's the wee man stuck in me head

Have you ever watched a movie or telivision program set in Ireland or Scotland and then realise that you can't get that accent out of your mind? It's how it is with me now. i've been watching some BBC Scotland production for the past two days and if i didn't know better, i'd think a wee Scottish man was stuck in me head, pronoucing all me words and telling me funny stories whilst playing the pipes.

And that's how i'm gonna see the old year out - with the Scots or the Irish(as i'm reading a book about Ireland and the two accents are dueling right now to see which one is the winner.)

So Happy New Year to you all and God Bless You and be safe and responsible in your partying

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mrs. Klausenjausen

Hello, i'd like to introduce Mrs. Klausenjausen to you.

She has been called, by her one of her younger sisters, "The Christmas Nazi" but she didn't like that too much and since she wasn't the real Mrs. Klaus, she assumed the name, Mrs. Klausenjausn. she is so excited about Christmas this year that she began to celebrate it over a month ago and again fell in 'love' with her tree when she plugged it in very early this morning (after slipping on the ice as she took her trash to the curb in her pink fuzzy slippers!)

she also has been working way too hard at her various jobs and decided that she was not going to the 2nd job tonight for, you see, Mrs. Klausenjausen is rather stubborn and made up her mind and that's that. No use begging her to go to work, it won't happen. AND she might call-off on the 26th too just because she might...

But back to the spirit of Christmas and the Klausenjausen tradition. There are games to be played and food to be ett. There are nieces, sweet wonderful nieces, to be tickled and to share colouring books and funny stories (Emma the younger told me..erm Mrs. Klausenjausen last night that she spent the entire day in her pajamas! ..and then giggled because it was funny that she never got dressed for the day). There are memories to make and share and laughter to be had and Mrs. Klausenjausen has decided that although she does like her 2nd job and she does need the income from the 2nd job, that she just isn't going to go. Too puppy and that's that!

And in case Mrs. Klausenjausen can't blog between today and Christmas day, she wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas. she hopes it it filled with peace, joy and happiness and that everyone takes time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and to realize what a wonderous gift we have been given.

Life is so wonderful and precious - celebrate it wildly this season (but please, no drinking and driving!) and by all means, have at least one pajama day!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Monday

Even though i am cheered by the Christmas season, by having family around and days off from wrok, the loss of the Eagles vs. Redskins yesterday has put a bit of a damper on my mood.

You have to understand that i don't just like football...i love it. i love everything about the game. i love the 'fight' of it, the passion. i'm not a stats kinda person - i can't rattle them off (like my brothers and dad) but i love the game. And i love my Eagles.

But when they mess up? True to being a real Eagles fan i would throw them under a bus - but still love them. Other friends who don't root for the Eagles don't understand it when i turn on my team and 'boooo' them - but it's how Philadelphia does football. It's something that's been passed down from generation to generation -it's in our blood.

So today, even though i love them, i wouldn't mind knocking their collective heads against a wall while yelling "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????"

..of course i'd be in my typical skirt and heels - which would take them off guard and no realize that in this very feminine form, lies a very, very passionate fan.

Happy Monday to you


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life's curves

What i love most about life is just when everything seems to be going ok..not super great, but ok...the kind of ok where one can relax a bit and take a deep breath and say "'s Christmas time" throws ya a curve.

Not a terribly deep curve - cause those are just unhittable, but still this kind of curve makes you swing harder than you wanted to -not knowing if you'll actually make contact or if you'll strike out.

i think i'll be able to hit this curve and maybe even drive it out of the park (not like driving out demons but more like I HIT A HOMERUN!!!!!!!!!!!!) and all parties involved will be ok and maybe even better for the experience....but while that ball is still on it's way down the pike and while the bat is still hovering over my shoulder..i'm just not sure how it will all work out.

So while i'm waiting for the crack of the bat..the roar of the crowd and the privledge of running to all the bases, i think i'm going to buy a pair of new shoes...

...cause i have to look good for the parade, you know!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things that make me go "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

1. When a co-worker (of course a male) comes to work while obviously sick, sneezes all over the place and then acts like it's not his fault that others might have caught his cold/flu. Dude! Stay home - we don't want your germs. WHY do men do this???? What is wrong with them? STAY HOME ALREADY!

2. When other passangers of Route 222 seem to think they are the only drivers in the world and take their own sweet time. GO THE SPEED LIMIT ALREADY!

3. When, in the throes of the Christmas season, i am grumpy and cranky. GET OVER IT ALREADY! (grrrr-ing at myself!)

And that's all for now.

i think i need coffee....

1628 - update
AHHHHhhh...feeling much better - had coffee, had lunch, had advil, decorated for Graduation (Saturday), laughed, used a staple gun (can you say POWER?) so all is well even though it's been raining non-stop all day and it lookin' to freeze tonight (like how i said "lookin?") so i might be grumpy again tomorrow - one can hope.

i did like the idea of taking a Vicodin though i can't be trusted around strong pain killers ...just ask Heather and Maurice about the chicken pox episode....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Better than Martha Stewart?

i love purses and have quite a little collection. i don't buy highly expensive ones and i try to get well-made ones at low prices. Because of this um...'love' - i had the collection hanging from some hooks on the back of my door to my dressing room*. And the other day i took white tissue paper and stuffed each purse accordingly. How nice each purse looks now - holding it's shape and happily hanging there.

But i knew that purses shouldn't hang. Rather, they need to be in a cubby or on a shelf.

AHA! my friend, Emily said! Put little lavendar sachets in each purse to keep them pest free (moths) and then they will be gently fragranced each time you use them.
(she's so smart)

So we joke about it - kind of - and i was truly thinking about the cubby idea - mainly because i like to keep what i have nice AND also i like to do things like that cause it makes others laugh (my nickname this Christmas season is Mrs. Klausenjausen)

Well i think Emily is better than Martha Stewart -because we checked out her site and she didn't mention one bit of the lavendar sachets.

Sometimes i get so Stewart-y i scare myself...


*Dressing room: my middle bedroom which i'm turning into an office/dressing room - a work in progress.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nothing can compare

i currently own, in full, a 1998 Green Honda Civic. It is a four-door, no real bells or whistles, 5-speed (on the floor..not the column!LOL) kind of car. Currently, it has 181,000 miles and is going strong. i plan to run her until she cannot move one more inch. Some tell me that i could get a good 250,000 miles out of her, but we'll see.

A co-worker of mine just bought a brand-new Honda Fit. Cute car - not so much on the outside, but the inside is great - great visibility, lots of fun 'toys' and plenty of room.

However, this brand-new car is said to only get 31 miles to the gallon on the highway and 27 in the city.

my old 181,000 mile car? Gets, on average 32 miles to the gallon on the highway and about 30 in the city. Recently, i got 37 miles to the gallon when i filled up with Exxon's high test the other week.

And i only ever buy manual transmission -cause it's just more fun!

So you can have your new Fit or Civic. me? yeah, i'm going to run my sweet lil green baby until she can't go one more inch! And then i'll have the not-so-fun job of picking another car but i really am not sure that i'll find anything to take the place of what i have now.

Lap dog

In an effort to conserve energy and cut costs, the place where i work full-time has decided to lower the temperature in buildings by two degrees. This is a decision that i think is wise, even if it does cause a little discomfort.

Whenever i'm prone to complain about the temperature of my house or job (and i do complain), i am reminded over and over of some folks i know who live in Tajikistan and how glad they were when their house reached 45F in the dead of winter. Um...yeah..about that.

What i could do is get a lap dog to come to work with me(do you think they'll believe me if i say it is a seeing eye dog?) and that will at least keep my feet and/or legs from freezing off.

Think that would work?

(picture stolen from

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look like...winter

Snowed on Saturday night, but of course it had to. You see, my neighborhood has an annual Christmas party and ours was scheduled, and held, on Saturday night and it's always terribly cold and snows on our party. Odd? Mebbe.

This party is like no other. We go from house to house - usually spending about one hour or so in each house. The owners of the house provide the food and each person brings their own drink - no matter what it is. Also when you go to each house, you take an ornament thus each person receives one ornament from each of the other neighbors. There are about six houses that participate and it's always, always a wonderful night. The end of the party always is at my house, where i serve desserts and then we sing Christmas carols (i have the piano and can play it) and then the party breaks up around 2am and everyone goes home.

It was a huge success this year and i had a wonderful time.

In other news: family from the South will be here in about 11 days. i can't wait.

Still in other news: the funk is fading but i was a miserable wretch for a few days. In spite of the Christmas season, some personal issues brought me low. However, i am determined to have a wonderful Christmas time - so i press forward!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i'm in a funk today. Nothing suits me at all and i'd rather be home...doing nothing to be honest.

Not a happy girl.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Was it love at first sight?

He held it up (i think it's a 'she') and i fell in love. i asked what the name was and he said 'Fraser Fir.'

i said i wanted to look at a few more - tall and skinny was my only requirement. He showed me a few more but i kept thinking about the first one i saw. He told me that the first one was a bit lower in price because she was a little light on the backside. i said it didn't matter because that side would be facing the corner. i already had her decorated in my mind and she was stunning.

He said she was 8 1/2 feet tall. my ceilings are about 10feet so she would fit in perfectly. None of the others compared to her - even with that light backside.

i said - "i'll take the first one." and he laughed and said 90% of people who like the first one they are shown go back to that one. He was handsome - looked good in his rough clothes, eyes bright and shining from the cold and love of what he was doing. He wrapped her in white string and put her in my car, she looked lovely even there. i drove home as carefully and quickly as i could, her smell filled my car and i was so very happy.

When i got home, i set up her stand and then carried her in the house. i was surprised how light she was given her height. my cat, Moses, immediately came over to have a sniff and in 10 seconds flat he was purring and rubbing against her. i knew then that she was a hit.

i set her in the stand, and carefully cut off the white string. As it came away from her, her branches popped out and she filled the space with her glory. Her branches are soft, short needled and very pungent in her scent. Decorating her was a pleasure. i had to stand on a chair to reach her top - the angel's head is a mere 2 inches from the ceiling and once she was all decorated, pushed back a bit and watered i stood and gazed at her.

Absolutely beautiful.


For some reason, this year i have delighted in the Christmas season as you may or may not have noticed. i decided to put up two trees: one, a fake but very old one in my sitting room - it is a short tree and the other a real one for my living room. i haven't had a real tree for Christmas for about four years and i cannot describe the absolute joy and delight i had in bringing my tree home and decorating her. Her beauty is truly esquisite, and she turns an ordinary living room into a softly lighted room of celebration. This season isn't all about the decorations and the tree and the lights -though i enjoy those things more than you know - but it's about the celebration of a baby born. The birth that would change the world forever.
There's so much more that this season resembles and reminds us - but for one night, last night, i enjoyed the beauty of a tree - in all her glory.

It was truly love at first sight.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's why you love me

Seventeen random things about me.

1. i never do these things.
2. i'm only doing it because my brother is so cute
3. i think my brother, Brad, looks good in a pink feather boa (he has two girls 5 yrs and 2 yrs..thus the pink boas!)
4. i love to chew ice
5. i also love to do laundry
6. Doing laundry and chewing ice at the same time would be heaven
7. Thursday is my favourite day of the week.
8. Sometimes i spell things the British way ...because i read so much British literature and i get confused.
9. i can't make up my mind if dark green, dark purple or dark red are my favourite colours.
10.i only buy cars with manual transmission
11.i live in the city but wish i lived in the country
12. i've never been to Disney
13. i'm left handed but play sports right handed
14. Sometimes i dream in French
15. Other times i dream in Spanish
16. In college i used to dream in Russian
17. i served Hugh Douglass (former Eagles football player) hamburgers and cokes when he went to Central State.

Monday, December 1, 2008

How to make my day

When i lived in France, i would often go into Paris on my day off. i only lived 13 min by train away from the city so it was a trip i took often in my two years there. One night as i was taking the train from Paris back to Deuil-la-Barre i looked at the train on the next track and there was a dark haired man. Handsome business man, of course impeccably dressed sitting in the opposite direction so that we were 'face to face.'He was looking at me. i knew not to stare, so lowered my eyes but then glanced back up (it's the American in me, eh?)..he was still looking. i smiled..and looked away again. When i dared to glance back..he was still looking and then smiled at me. A real smile. Big, fun -one that made me laugh out loud. As my train pulled out - i waved. He blew me a kiss.

i often wonder about him. i hope his life is happy and full and that the smile i saw was a real reflection of the joy he felt inside.

i know it sure made my day!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do you know what tomorrow is?

It's December 1st...and the official beginning of the Christmas season.

i'm so excited.

Now i won't just be a Christmas freak who's had her tree up for the past three weeks already...

...i'll be almost normal!

Yay for normal!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

A love letter

Dear Philadelphia Eagles,

This season has been mildly painful for me as i've watched you kick yourself in the rear end more than i'd like to. i've seen missed tackles, missed blocks, stupid fouls, horrible play calling, too many interceptions and dropped passes. i've seen my favourite players (Dawkins and Runyan) not reaching their potential in their playing. i've seen a quaterback benched with no previous warning and a kid brought out without any warm up. i even think i've witnessed missed field goals.

This, my beloved, would make my love grow cold if i were any less of the warm blooded totally in love with you woman that i am.

As it was, i was rather disgusted with the whole lot of you - even though deep in my heart, i knew i'd always remain faithful.

So it was with some trepidation that i prepared to watch tonight's game.

However, my Eagles, tonight....tonight you made me fall in love with you all over again. Tonight my heart beat hard for Dawkins [#20] (i mean seriously, folks, he is just so amazing) and Runyan [#69](mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) not to mention Bradley [#55], who is quickly becoming another favourite. You played like the team i know you to be. You made me proud to be a fan. The love is still there and still strong.

Oh yes, my Philadelphia Eagles, i am still faithful to you. i won't turn my back, nor curse the day you were born - no, no i will not do that. i will hold my head high (even though you tied the stinkin' Bengals...i mean, really? The Bengals? sheesh)

The love is still there, it is still strong and i am going to bed a very happy woman.

With love,


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Thanksgiving

Even though i've blathered on and on about my love of Christmas this year - and truly i feel like a child and am just so happy for this Holiday Season- my favourite holiday, by far, is Thanksgiving. i love it because it's not about buying things or having the right decorations or any of the other crazy stuff that goes on for Christmas. It's a holiday that, although will be shared with about 40 of my relatives and will be noisy and crazy, is a more subdued holiday - it's more about the basics.

Know what i mean?

It's a holiday to take time to reflect on the past year and all that one can be thankful for. So here's a small list from me - my Thanksigiving List

1. I am thankful that i live in America
2. I am thankful that i have two jobs
3. I am thankful that i can work two jobs - have the strength and health to do so
4. i am thankful for my family
5. i am thankful for those in my life, whether near or far, who have invested time into my life
6. i am thankful for friends
7. i am thankful that i have food in my cupboard and warm blankets on my bed.
8. i am thankful for my cats
9. i am thankful for freedom
10. i am thankful - so very grateful- for our Military Personnel...i don't have the right words to express this. Their sacrifice....
11. i am thankful for hard times in my life, for it's in those times that i realize the true woman i am, realize my reliance on an Almighty God and realize how much i have. It's coming out of those hard times that i see how blessed my life has been...i didn't say easy, i said blessed.

This is a very short and totally incomplete list..but it's something i wished to say today. i'm so glad to be able to be with my family tomorrow - we go to my cousin's house...all 40 or more of us and the food will be amazing, the laughter loud and long, the fellowship sweet and hopefully...if all goes well, the Eagles will win.

If not...if not..well then we always have the Phillies World Championship to fall back on and i have to say, that day and the day of the Parade is STILL a good thing with me and i'm thankful to have been able to go down there and stand on Broad and Dickson and scream and yell and laugh and just have a great time (plus Jamie Moyer WAVED at me! i mean common...that's pretty sweet!)

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

Monday, November 24, 2008


So i might be taking this early Christmas a bit far when i realize that i really, really want one of those cute little skirt 'santa's helper' sets...

um...i might need professional help with this one.

In a few weeks, our neighborhood has a progressive Christmas party. The last house to be visited is mine because i have a piano and we all sing Christmas carols and eat desserts. Each house provides food and when you go to that house, you take them a Christmas ornament. It's a very nice way to get together, no pressure of getting huge gifts and is a lot of fun.

And this is where the 'i can dress up like santa's helper in one of those cute little red/white skirt sets' idea came up.

Thing is...i don't dress up for Halloween..why on earth would i dress up for Christmas -not only that but i've also cut out paper snowflakes and put them on my windows.

Seriously, i'm annoying myself. But i found such joy in cutting those snowflakes out, even though it confused me to do so. AND now that they are up - and the rest of my outdoor Christmas decorations (just greenery swags with red bows -very old fashioned looking) i really like the look. Very Victorian and simple.

So if you happen to see me out shopping for a little skirt set - please, please do an intervention right there and then.

oh..and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's just getting worse

i don't know what's wrong with me of late. i am in the Christmas spirit so much that's i'm annoying myself. i mean honestly! It's not even Thanksgiving and i already have all my Christmas cards ready to go. Is that obnoxious or what?

Each day brings a new idea, a new crazy idea, to mind - the other day i was researching traditional Irish Christmas cakes and puddings so that i could make a few. i don't even know if i like the taste of Irish Christmas puddings. And yet...AND YET, i was thinking how i could make more than one so that we could enjoy them on Christmas Eve.

Today, it was buying the ornaments i'll need for our neighborhood Christmas party as well as some new candles and thinking about how to decorate my office suite.

i'm like the Christmas energizer bunny with no off switch.


Well Merry Christmas to one and all....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside

And i'm totally in the Christmas spirit.

i've already planned how i can 'borrow' the neighbors outdoor decorations for my own (they never tire of that trick! HA HA HA) as well as laid out a baking schedule (do you know that if you warm up store bought cookies and add a sprinkling of powdered sugar everyone will think you made them? HAHHAHAHAHA) and not only that but all the presents i got last year that i didn't like, i'm going to recycle (just have to make sure that i don't give them to the ones who gave them to me - happened last year and boy! things were awkward for a while - not sure granny was ready for that bra/pantie set and everything was fine until her false teeth fell out - then...not so funny. That Granny! Not a good sense of humor (she's German - what can we say?)


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Land of the Free. Home of the Brave.

Today is Veteran's Day and on the way to work i was reflecting the fact that this country, though far from perfect, is so great and amazing. i love this country. i love freedom. i am so grateful - a gratefullness that surpasses words-that men and women gave their lives to continue the freedom that was declared way back in the beginning of the birth of this nation.

Since then, as we all know, many battles and wars have been fought. All of them painful, all of them took their toll but all of them have proven that we truly do hold freedom very dear and will go to great lengths to preserve it - even to helping other countries find their own freedom.

So i thank you. Those of you who have fought, or served our nation. Those of you who are family members who don't sleep well because your loved one is currently overseas. Those of you who put yourself at risk so that i can be free.

We are still the land of the free
and there is no doubt that we are the
Home of the Brave.

Thank you.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Circus Cat

my cat, Moses, is about 8 yrs old. i found him in some high weeds next to my church (thus the name). He is grey/white and a very wonderful cat.

When he was quite young, i noticed that he was always perching on the bannister newel-kinda like a seal on a ball. So i started calling him circus cat. Whenever i wanted him to do that trick for friends and family, i would say, "Hey Mose...wanna do Circus Cat?" and he always makes a cute little noise and gets ready for the show.

i also noticed that he was very interested in me when i was on a ladder painting or fixing something in the house and so i also taught him how to climb a ladder. (This came in handy one day when he was stuck on the roof...he was able to climb the ladder from porch roof to the top of the house where i was waiting..and i caught him..more on that exciting story later.)

Well last night i was doing some stencling in my hallway and i was surprised that he wasn't interested. So i said "Wanna do Circus Cat?" and two minutes later, he was on top of the ladder, looking around and purring like mad.

i think i'm going to start charging friends and family cause obviously he has talent and i plan on using that money for my retirement.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We, the people...

...are a bunch of fools.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another on voting

i'm astounded to hear about some of the problems around the country. How is it that for me, in Reading, PA it was smooth sailing all the way. We don't use paper ballots - everyone was on the list and there was at least one Spanish speaker present to help those who's English isn't terribly good (more on that later today isn't the day for that rant).

i waiting in line for about 10 min - maybe less. Went in my little booth, pushed the buttons...when i had double checked everything - pushed the green VOTE button and was done. Easy peasy - no hassle no trouble just doing what i've been doing since i turned 18. (which of course was last year..cough.cough)

but hearing about some of the problems and paper ballots (!!) for goodness sake - did these people not prepare??? It's not like this was a sneak attack to vote..we've known about it since when? Like forever.

Sheesh people get your act together!

How then shall we vote?

Well i did my civic duty - gladly too i might add. As a registered Republican, i typically will lean to that party. This year, i was ready to make a change and vote either Independent or Democrat - depending on the candidates.

Thing is, i don't trust Obama and Nader and Paul just didn't candidate enough for me. So once again, i voted Republican for the President/Vice President. i'm not terribly thrilled about either candidate - they both have bits and pieces that are way too scary and odd. But i would rather vote my conscience and so i did. One has to remember that when you're voting for the President you're voting for more than just the platform those candidates are running're also voting for the people that will surround those candidate and give advise...that's when you have to look beyond the personalities running around the country giving speeches and scrutinize the ones 'behind the scenes'.

Local government was a bit easier to mix up - some of the Senators are democrat and got my vote because of the way they contribute to the community. Some are republican and i voted for the same reason - i like being able to vote for anyone i like, agree with or think is a good leader.

One of my sisters is voting for the first time this year. She is more into politics at her age than i ever was and i'm very proud of the way she's studied the candidates and has made her choice. she's excited about making her voice heard.

So whatever comes today - whether Obama or McCain win - it's a great day to be able to vote in a country where you can go to the polls and vote how you think best.

Vote your conscience!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Parade

i cannot even describe what Friday was like to experience. We left my hometown around 9am and were standing on Broad Street by 10.30am. Front row. Since we were a little bit down the parade route-the streets weren't terribly crowded at that point but by the time the parade came by - it was jammed packed.

Seeing the players and screaming for them was fun - it was a celebration. But the rest of the day was even more so - because it's what happened throughout the day that was amazing.

It was the feeling of brotherly love - it was the feeling of joy. Unbridled Joy is what Mitch Williams called it. And he was right.

i mean, let's face it, the economy stinks, the election is horrible, people are losing their jobs, and their homes. It's hard times for many. However, you give the vast majority something to cheer about and it's like we're all best friends. i got hugged by many, many guys and old ladies. i high fived cops and kids. i screamed until my voice was gone (and it still is three days later). Everyone was laughing and crying and joking around - people were cheering having fun. The feeling in the air was complete celebration and love and happiness.

i don't think i have the skill to adequately say what the day meant to me - but it was amazing and i'm so very glad i got to go (never mind the fact that Jamie Moyer WAVED to me! WHOOT!)

Later that night, the 76ers won and yesterday so did the Eagles (we won't really talk about the Flyers...)-so the feeling goes on. i know it'll all come to a close, but for one day - one perfect day-Philadelphia was a place of beauty, love and celebration.

We are the champions, baby!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Are the Champions!

Oh. my. word.

It really happened.

The Phillies won.




Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i just can't get enough

i could listen to this over and over and over and still...want more.

In Sickness and Health

Here is something i don't understand about Men (there are many things but this is a biggie).

They treat their job as their marriage. For instance, when a Man marries, He promises Himself in sickness and health to His lovely bride. That means that He will stick it out with her even when she is sick..and won't leave her in a lurch.

For some reason, something goes off in a Man's brain when He takes those vows and He immediately begins to think that those vows also apply to His job. His job, that beloved place that gives Him His identity, becomes His new blushing bride.

And in sickness, as in health, He refuses to abandon her. Problem is that He lovingly brings His germs to His place of employment and spreads them far and wide, creating an infirmary-like environment.

And then people, well let's just use me for an example, fall victim to those germs as they infest our sweet-not-so-committed-to-this-job-that-we'll-risk-life-and-limb-to-be-there bodies and we become ill.

Dude? Seriously? Stay the heck home and don't come back until you are well. That's why God created sick days.

And now i'm going to go sneeze and cough for a while.
Yay me.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well...the weekend proved to be a sober yet fun weekend (Maude was NOT allowed anywhere near any kind of vodka! That Maude!).

Although i got very little sleep, today is a very happy day - i'm slightly incoherent and am not sure i'm able to make complete sentences but...

You see...

Phillies are 3-1 in the World Series. I was um...young ...when they won in 1980 yet i remember it well. i was in love with the Phillies then - and so this is a very sweet run for us all. So i've watched each game - sitting beside my brother (who is 16 and has CP) and my Father and phoning my other brother who lives in Florida but is an avid Philadelphia fan. We cheer and boo and might even cry if all goes well tonight. Yes, we are THOSE kinds of fans.

But also - Penn State beat Ohio State, Flyers won, Eagles won..Phillies...

So much winning that my head is spinning (or perhaps that's just lack of sleep!)



And i've already told my Boss that if the Phillies do indeed win the World Series - i'll be taking a vacation day for the Parade.

Yup...we are just those kinds of fans.

::Doing the Happy Dance::

Friday, October 24, 2008


Ever have one of those really, really bad weeks when you're more than glad that it's over?

Yeah, me too - and i hope that this weekend proves to be lighter and a bit less stressful.

Course i could always drink the stress away but i don't think there's enough vodka in the world for that!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a Martha Stewart Thing

As soon as the weather turns cold, something switches on in my brain and it's as if a whole new person emerges.

i bake.

And bake.

And bake some more. i love baking - cookies, cakes, breads, muffins, biscuits, all kinds of things. i experiment with baking, i dream of hundreds of cookies and tarts and..

The thing is that i don't keep any of it-i give it away or take it to work or send it to church.

Perhaps it's the 'hunkering down for winter' instinct that is in my genetic makeup. Maybe my Mom used to bake more in the autumn (i'm sure of it now that i've given it some thought) and so i just assume that's what i need to do.

In any case, my co-workers are going to gain some nice winter weight and my house will be warm and cozy and smell like a million bucks while i am content to play Martha Stewart for one more night.

Tonight i'm making Cranberry Tassies.

Can't wait.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh dear Heavens

This new blog is positively ugly -i'm not sure what to do...will probably take me a while to get all the kinks worked out.

But welcome anyway.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stick with me....

i've learned that aol is shutting down the journal/blog part of their company so i'm probably going to transfer this to Blogger.

Stick with me and i'll post the address here in a few short days.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rememberance, Grieving, Forgiveness, Healing

Two years ago, today, a horrific crime was commited in my local area against some Amish school girls.

As i came to work this morning, a local radion station had a local Mennonite Pastor pray over the air waves and then played some related, soothing music.  Then the two morning DJ's came on the air and talked a little bit about the incident and related how they were still healing from that tradegy.  i cried a bit because it had been such a horrid time - trying to come to grips with once again innocent lives being cut short. 

One of the DJ's mentioned how the Amish community is still offering forgiveness and actually extended hands of kindness and words of healing to the shooter's family. 

That doesn't often happen, does it?  Usually we hold the grudge or resent the entire family of someone and in some cultures, a life of someone (or many) of the shooter's family would be taken in vengenance.  Lashing out, returning the hurt makes us 'feel better' and many people choose that path in hurtful situations.

However, the Amish community, as a whole, stood and said...we aren't doing that..we WILL look for the blessings in this situation, we WILL choose to forgive...we WILL not become bitter and hateful.

And though that is sometimes hard to understand, i believe it is the better way.  A better way to live, a better way to conduct yourself and a better way of finding healing in hurtful and horrid situations.  Easy?  Not at all.  But far better.

So today, i feel a bit quiet -remembering the horror of that day but yet learning from a group of people who most would see as backwards and odd. 

Live each day as if it's your the fullest..keeping hate and bitterness at bay, loving deeply... forgiving quickly. 

i'm thankful for today.  Because it means i have another day to live with wild abandon.

Monday, September 29, 2008


i've never been a good one at waiting for bad things to happen.  i'd rather they just happen and then i can begin to pick up the pieces, start over, rebuild, recook, whatever...

So today the stock market is a wreck, everything seems to be in a slow motion of collaspe...and i just want it to happen already.  Either recover quickly and let's get back to living, or collaspe and let's start over.  i'm not looking forward to the hard, hard times a collaspe would bring, but it would give me a plan...a goal to reach for...something to do other than worry.

It's kinda like watching the Philadelphia Eagles shoot themselves in the foot last night and just wanting it to be done already......But on a much, much grander scale.

So whatever is to be, whether we all are ok and business and life resumes as we know it - or we're all living together in one house...or in tents in each other's backyard...let's get on with it. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Here's yer sign!

Do you remember when Jeff Foxworthy did his "Here's Your Sign" skits?  Absolutely hilarious.'s headlines remind me of a few.

Like the recall Joann Fabrics has on some chairs...seems that when the legs aren't locked the chairs can collapse.  Really?  Kinda like trying to sit on a lawn chair before it's completely opened?  Well golly's yer sign  and since your so um...'challenged' why don't you just take a seat on the ground.  Most likely that won't collapse on you.

Or the fact that here we are in a HUGE financial mess...the future is more uncertain than ever and so Congress has a little get together to try to fix it.  That's really great - except for the fact that the talks end because the Congressional members are hurling insults across the table at one another.'s yer dunce cap..go sit in the corner and think that perhaps you need to GROW UP a little and realize that the nation is suffering and you are calling the guy opposite of you a 'dummy'.  sheesh

Or maybe even the 'evangelist' who was charged with child porn.  Dude!  i mean really?  Your a preacher (or so you say) and so you SHOULD be reading the Bible and upholding the Christian values you say you believe in.  CHILD PORN IS NOT PART OF THOSE VALUES.  Seriously?  Here's your sign. 

i think all this stupidity is gonna make my head explode.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A letter to the Quarterback

Dear Mr. McNabb,

It was a fairly exciting game last evening - espeically on the part of the Eagles defense.  They played amazingly well, tough and never gave up - even to the very end.  Poor Steelers' quarterback, Mr.Rothernslernslebwergerseer (or however you spell his name) spent more time on the ground than he did his own two feet.  It was quite lovely.  B.Dawk (one of my personal favourites) was amazing...and Stewart Bradley was just plain hot...only to name two.

But this letter concerns you.  You, our starting quarterback, who - last Monday - showed that your 'old' form is back and that you will run and do all kinds of things to try to win (we won't talk about the give it, take it give it..that we've been making fun of all week).  But then we noticed that The Kid was ready to come in and everyone was saying (everyone was my Dad and me)..."Where's McNabb?  Where's McNabb?"  We were confused.  THEN we found out that you were in the locker room and ugh..we didn't feel so well.  But THEN you were back ,and wincing and everything and then back in the game.

So here's what i want to say.

Mr. McNabb:  When you broke your foot, you continued to play.  We expect that kind of commitment even now.  So even if you have a chest contusion and your right should is hannging by a mere tendon, get yourself back in the game and play.  It doesn't matter if blood is spurting out - it's only a flesh wound and you are not to stop playing for any reason.  Dude, seriously, even if you are semi-conscious?  Play on. 

We know you can do it.  We expect nothing else. 

We are true, never die, love ya one minute and boo you the next, Philadelphia fans.

E A G L E S!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh rats!

So even though it was a fairly exciting game (and it was) and even though our quarterbakc, McNabb looked healthy and in good shape (save for the two fumbles), we lost.


So is an official day of mourning (oh yes, sports fans, Day. Of.  Mourning.), but tomorrow will bring better days and next week will be even better.  We play the Pittsburg Steelers. It should be another very exciting game.

Here's hoping!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Today, at my day-time professional job, i am wearing a Philadelphia Eagles (American Football) shirt.

i think i'll be posting a sign on my desk:

Any and All students who roll their eyes, make negative comments about or in any other way dis the Eagles will automatically fail this semester. Any faculty who does the same will be fired on the spot and any staff member following in such horrid footsteps will be forced to play on Route 222N during rush hour!


Ha!  That'll teach the little buggers!

i mean i'm trying to be fair and balanced but with some of 'these people' one just has to take a tough stance.






Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget

i'm glad today is cloudy and a bit subdued.  It matches my mood.  One of somber reflection and even a few tearsi'm glad that it's been seven years since the first 9/11 and not just seven days.  i'm grateful, still, for those in Flight 93.  Because of their true bravery, they saved multiple lives - whilst giving up their own.  "Greater love has no man than this, to lay one's life down for his friend"  That was an act of true love.  Bravery. Courage. Patriotism.  i still cry, even this morning, when i think of them - a small band of Americans determined that not another plane would take out a building, knowing that they might not emerge alive from their endeavors, but striving for the greater good all the same.  It's that kind of thinking that made this country great in the beginning - when a group of people and Congress decided that we needed to be a free and independent nation.  The cost was huge, and high and yet the outcome was for the greater good.  So maybe some of my tears, while in mourning and remembrance for those brave men and women of Flight 93, it's also with some semblance of pride and patriotism that i cry - thankful for yet another reminder of this country's roots...and humbling me to live my life so that their's doesn't seem wasted.

There is almost too much to remember - fire fighters and police and other rescue workers going into burning buildings(both in NY and DC) with the sole desire to rescue and help and many of them not making it back out alive.  That kind of dedication, love and selflessness is astounding to me and if i compare myself to them - i come up short.  However, i want to remember, not to put myself down-nor place them as high as God, but rather - again - to help me live my life in such a way that theirs doesn't seem wasted.

i don't always do that well.  i sometimes get impatient and say things or respond to emails in a way that really isn't the best.  And though i realize that is human nature, it's not the way i wish to live.  So today, the day of remembrance, i make another fresh start.  Taking the hurt and emotion of what today meant, and putting it into my life to make me a better person, so that in turn, i can help others, love unconditionally and please God with my life.

So whether the Democrats or the Republicans or even a third party wins the election, whether oil and gas prices are crazy high or whatever may happen this next year, our nation still stands.  It is still a wonderful and very free place to live.  i love this country.  i will never forget the bravery, the love, the courage and the high example so many Americans left for us all seven years ago. 

God bless America - may we never forget.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Doesn't anybody ever listen?

Ok..This is not a political blog - not before not now.  But...

But..i just have to say this.

Today, i heard a clip of Mr. Obama in one of his many speeches say that (paraphrased by moi) we need to get out of Iraq responsibly and orderly/carefully and focus on Afghanistan now.

And i rolled my eyes because:

1. That is precisely what we're doing NOW

2. If folks would just listen to me every now and then and read they would know that we've BEEN doing that for months.  Wasn't it months ago that it was declared that the war had been all but won and that the Iraqi government was gaining ground and making good progress and that our troops were being moved from Iraq and the focus was now in Afghanistan? 

i am not right all of the time...and typically don't make a ruckus about stuff...but honestly!  Dude!  Seriously?  Get with the times. (and though i used Mr. Obama as an example, any other politician/side does the exact same thing) 

i really do hate politics.  It makes people look like complete idiots.




Friday, September 5, 2008

i can't be the only one... is impossible, i hope, that i am the only one who is amazed by all the hostility of this election.  i've heard name calling from both sides that not only are just childish and rediculous but also not very helpful to anyone.

Recently i heard something that helped me in my own political views.  We need to take the emotion out of our thinking and make good, well-thought out choices.  We need to scour both sides for facts, make an intelligent choice and then vote your conscience.  Amazingly, in this country, we have the freedom to vote for whom we wish, even if that is in disagreement with someone else.  And that person has the right to disagree with you.  Doesn't mean anyone has to adopt the "I AM RIGHT you are wrong" attitude.

Time to grow up a little bit, folks. 

Find out the facts

Make your choice

Vote your conscience

Allow others to do the same.

It's not taking an 'i-dont-care' attitude..not at all..just strive for peace and harmony in your own life while making informed decisions.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tango me

There is a movie i may have referenced before, The Tango Lesson.  It's an odd mix of French, British and Argentinian languages, shot in mostly black and white, and a decent, if not off-beat, story line.  i love it.  What i really love is the dancing.  Can't get enough of it.  Tango music and the intricate dancing is amazing and so sensual...

Here is my favourite number in the entire movie.  It's a girls dream come true..or at least mine!  Three men!  Dancing!  Feet moving so amazingly sensual and passionate...i can't get enough of it.  Dance on!


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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dream Weaver and an off-handed compliment

Apparently the weird dreams continued to last night as i raced, again with my brother, in a go-cart in his neighborhood in Florida, while he was running his modified race car so to keep the engine warm between races.  yeah...weird...also something was in that about breast implants(for me..) but i didn't like the dr...makes me really look forward to tonight and the 'movie' that will play in my dreams.

And then today, at my second job...the retail one, a young man named Rico said to me....

"Are you married?"

i replied i was not.

He then said, "Well, you are really beautiful and I just wanted to tell you that."

He then paused, i was ringing his purchases..and then he said,

"Is there any kind of discount i could get for that?"

i laughed and said "For what? telling me i'm pretty...for being nice and you want a discount?"




Saturday, August 30, 2008

There's a cow in my house and her name is Betsy

This past week has been a very stressful and highenergy one for me.  Stressful in the 'if i don't do well, my Boss will catch it' kind and high energy as in...non-stop work for days on end. Lack of sleep and early mornings/late nights left me rather ragged last night.  So i plumped up all my pillows and grabbed a late supper whilst paging through the Fall edition of Vogue (personal opinion? Last fall's edition was better..but still was a nice 798 pages).

Then finally went to bed.  i've been known to have very strange dreams, not scary ones - i wake myself during those-but the kind that make ya wonder how on earth my brain thought of that.  Last night or early this morning was no exception.

What i remember of the dream was that i bought a cow..a small black/white and named her Betsy.  she lived on my third floor but was really only there for sleeping as she was either in the living room with me or out back eating.  she loved corn kernels in mayo and anytime she misbehaved, i just bribed her with that.

Then the 'scene' switches to a farm where i am attempting to teach Betsy how to drive a tractor and my brother tells me to never mind, he'll just put her in the front seat of his car.

This is a cow..not a cartoon cow but a real looking cow.  she just was very flexible i guess because she was able to sit in his car...which was some 1950's red/white thing with huge fenders and was all tricked out. 

That kinda went on for a while and there was a russian family involved and i was going somewhere and ext ect and just all crazy stuff...and then what woke me was that a friend of mine washed Betsy and did her hair AT A BEAUTY SALON and rolled the hair on the top of her head in rollers to make her look pretty.

And i woke up howling in laughter...eyes closed,not truly awake but as my mind went back over the dream i realized how silly it was and laughed harder.  Out loud laughter.

i went back to sleep and dreamt more - but Betsy was never far from me.

i really loved that cow.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Dearest Friend... the title of the book i am currently reading.  It is a complelation of the 289 letters written between John and Abigail Adams.  i chose to read this book after watching the John Adams HBO series that i found at Blockbuster.  The series was good.  This book is riveting.

i find that i don't have the proper words to convey my emotions concerning this book.  American history, way of living, joys, sorrows and deep unending love betwix the two are just some of what one can expect.

John Adams wrote something that holds very true, even today.  He has been seperated some time from his family and felt their absence deeply.  He wrote to Abigail:

Posterity!  You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your Freedom!  I hope you will make a good use of it.  If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it.



Friday, August 15, 2008


For some reason, unknown to me, i am terribly homesick for France today.  i know for sure i miss the food, but it's other things, the little things that sometimes make me stop and remember.  It's the crowded metro and the streets lined with folks going and coming from Paris.  It's the way mothers call their children (in a very high sing-songy way) or even the street-sweeper man who picked up all the dog poo...

America is my country and i am fierciously loyal and patriotic to her

but Paris is my home too..and i long to be in her sweet embrace.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dreading the Winter

It's August.  i should be sweating and complaining about the high humidity...but here i am on a rare day off -in a sweater, windows closed and wearing slippers.  The outside temp is about 65. So is the inside temp.

i was just talking to my mother and she says she remembers a number of years ago(when i was a young teen) when we had a cool summer and then that winter was a very harsh one...with lots of snow and ice. Perhaps we won't have that same kind of winter, but a number of people i know, in this area, are already dreading what is to come.

The nice part is that autumn has to come in there somewhere - and that is my favourite season....

but it's kinda odd to be wrapped up in a sweater and slippers in the middle of August.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Let's Analyze This Face...


To be honest, i was looking for the picture that AOL has on their news feed right now.  Because i wanted to look at THE FACE and see what it is about him...about Mr. Clooney that makes him so handsome.

1.  The smile lines.  Guys, do you have ANY idea how sexy it is to see, by the smile lines close to your eyes, that being quick to smile and laugh is totally hot.

2.  Brown eyes. 

3. This picture doesn't show it - but the gray hair is also hot.  Guys fuss about going gray or bald, but sheesh - don't.  It's sexy..shows that you are maturing (you know my saying: Men aren't truly sexy until they are about 45 yrs old) and seriously, bald men ..just well..something about that always catches my eye...and NO it's not the glare...oops! Did i just say that out loud?   

4. In all the pictures i saw, he portrays confidence.  Confidence and that he enjoys being in his body - in his skin.  That is also incredibly WOWZA.  i like Men with confidence - which, by the way, is not arrogance.  Arrogance wears on ya like a dripping faucet..confidence allows those around you to relax and enjoy themselves because they aren't afraid of offending or of your fragile ego (which i know you have..just don't be a whiney baby about it)


and that's my story...i like Mr. Clooney's face.  i have NO idea what his personality is or if he is even a likable guy - i just like his face.  Notice i did not say fantasize...just like.


Early Morning Quiet

Last night we had a rare and much loved 59 degree weather.  i slept so well - cannot even tell you how good it was.  And this morning, i was up early, watered the garden, cleaned the birdbath, had my coffee and puttered around getting ready for work.  Quite a lovely way to start the week.

i love early mornings.  i love the quiet and slowly turns to noisey as the world wakes up.  Even though i live in a city, it's not a major one and i love in the historic district and it's quite nice in the morning.  Kids are still sleeping. Trash trucks not yet started, just a few people up and moving about. 

It set the tone for the rest of my day, that early morning time in the garden.  There was one lone honey bee desperate for the pollen from a morning glory.  In fact, his insistence of retrieveing that delectable bits were quite amusing to watch.  He could not get his head in far enough and his little back legs were scrambling against the petals to push him in further.  i wish i would've had my camera out there with me.

Then the sun peaked over Mt.Penn and i knew it was time to put the 'get ready for work' plan into action.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Dinner Party, Part II

When the guests arrived, they found a hostess that was very calm and cool and had things well under control.  The moment of panic i had earlier was fun but thankfully didn't stay.

So we ate, and ate, and ate...a six-course meal, prepared by me and enjoyed by all (unless they all lied to me!).  One couple, newly engaged, asked (in a moment of weakness,i'm thinking) if i'd cater their wedding supper.  thanks though. i could help them plan the food but there is a huge difference in planning and cooking for 7 or even 20 (which i've done...) and say..200. But it was nice of them to ask.

We ate outdoors where i had taken my kitchen talbe, an antique round table, outside and set it up with my best china and crystal.  Another fun panic attack came when i realized that the lid to my good silverware had been opened abit and all my silver was tarnished.  my precious mother came to the rescue bringing over not just one but both of her sets and the night was saved.  Seriously, i don't know what i would've done...served a fancy-schmancy meal with plasticware? um...   So i have a silverware polishing party in the works...oh goody.

i had candles everywhere - and the effect was exactly how i wanted it - kinda majical.  my garden is very lush and full right now, so that just added to the whole picture.  Someone remakred that being in the back yard didn't even feel like we were in the city. It really was special.

Yesterday i did all of the cleanup and my house is back in order and today, this glorious Sunday,i am sipping my's only 63 outside (YUM) and the sun is bright and lovely.  It's going to be a good day.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Dinner Party

Tonight eight people will join me in what is commonly called A Dinner Party.  Done in a multi-course fashion, and not just a little snobbery, we will dine on food specially prepared by me in a backyard that is lush and green.

Never mind the mosquitoes, nor the fact that it's close to 90F today and we'll probably sweat our way through the soup course, nor that one of the guests is highly allergic to cats and i have two, nor that i still have alot to do and it's already noon and their coming at 6pm and i'm still at work and not stressing at all but do have a mild migraine cause i'm hungry and did i mention i still have alot to do?

i'm sure it will be fine...

and if not...well...hmm...let's not go there!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

In case you can't get enough...

here's another Irish song that's superb.  25 points (and a kiss) to the person who knows for what this song is used.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sing to me

my Father's side of the family is 100% Irish.  Immigrants who came over from Ireland to find a better life, to get away from famine and British rule.  Some on that side of the family were teachers, some farmers, one was an architect, one ended up as an Olympic judge, some were maids for the rich of Philadelphia, one was a hobo.  Very interesting family, to say the least.

Their hearts, however, never left their homeland and that longing has been passed down from generation to generation.  i have a dream to go to Ireland, to see the homeland of my Father's family, to breathe the air and drink in all of that country's goodness.  It is almost a homesick feeling, one that is hard to explain, but one, i understand, is common in those of Irish heritage. 

There is a song done by Celtic Women, called "Send Me a Song"  the first time i heard it, i immediately thought of my ancestors leaving their homeland for the States and knowing how hard goodbyes are for me, it's a rather heartbreaking concept for me to understand.  In today's world we have IM and cell phones, and good satellite phones and email and regular mail and sheesh - eight hours on a plane and you can be back home - but for them - it was the final goodbye...ugh - that just hurts to think of it.  Letters took weeks, traveling just the same.  But in my Irish-romantic mind, i think they sang songs of each other to remember those gone or those left behind.

Here's the YouTube of the song...

Send Me A Song

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

One i forgot

There is one sound i forgot to mention

and it's my favourite of all

A summer thunder storm

We're having one right now -so i'm going to go sit on the porch and enjoy it


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sounds of July

i grew up in the mountains of this great Commonwealth which is Pennsylvania (oh no, my friends is it NOT a state....check it out.).  Living in and around the woods and very close to the Juniata River, brought it's own wonderful sounds and smells all through the year.  However, July seems to be the one,for me, that is the most pungent and noisy.  For instance, corn is very sweet smelling in those hot days of July, not to mention grass and tomatoe plants.  Flowers are in full bloom and willing to give off scents that make you stop and smell.  Everything seems sweeter.

And the noise!  Locust, frogs, crickets all chirping and making whatever noise they make,not to mention the birds and even my cats!   But it is the kind of noise that, like the ocean waves, is always 'there' in July-reminding one that life goes on.  Life, no matter what your problems or trials, has cycles and is steady and true. 

It's also a month that i love to go swimming and since the sun is shining and i don't have to work until 5pm, i'm gonna get a cup of a whoopie pie...and head on over to the pool.

Autumn is my favourite season, but i sure do like July!

Happy Summer!

Friday, July 25, 2008


It's Friday.

i'm wearing the cutest pair of heels i own...or at least one of the cutest.  They are new. They are gorgeous. They are high.

i almost feel like a Queen.

A Queen from France.

An Irish-German Queen from France.

Who lives in Pennsylvania and wears gorgeous heels.

Yup! That's the ticket for today.

Just call me "Queen"

No need to bow or least not until after lunch.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh my!

This morning, feeling a bit weak in self-control, i picked up a fresh box of Oreo's Fudgees Cookies.  i shared them with my co-workers and had two of the cookies myself, while sipping on some nice tea.

i think this could become my new favourite comfort food.  Yes. They are that good - rich and chocolately and just lovely.  i really want more but then the thought occurs to me that if i take more, i'll just have to work harder at the gym and well, that thought doesn't thrill me.


But mercy! good cookies....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just because i can..

Rarely do i make any news references or political statements here.  One reason is because, to be totally honest, i don't care if you agree or disagree with me on my views and so by not posting there are no arguments.  Yes, i know - i am an ostrich...  The other reason is that sometimes, it's just not worth the effort to write it all out.  Sloth, anyone?

But today, this sunny day in July, i found some of the headlines on to be a bit humorous.  Some will have comments.  Others will just stand alone.


1.Wiconsin Law Bans Sex with Dead.

    There is nothing i could say or would want to say about that one.

2. Smithsonian Put Mysterious Crystal Skull on Display.

   Might it be best to take it to the local county fair and have the gypsy woman look into it?  i bet she'd get alot more business if she was telling futures from a crystal skull than just that plain ole ball...

3.  Drunk Referee Helped Off Field After Soccer Game

    Just too funny for comment.

4.  (not so funny) Hybrid Drives Engineer to Death

    Seriously?  If your work is stressing you out that much, even it's for the better good of the environment, it's not worth it.   Human life is always, always more important than anything and while i DO believe in caring for the earth in the best way possible and with integrity, i think caring for our human bodies and those of others is way more important.  Do you really think that those starving in other countries, or even the horrid things going on in Burma really care about Hybrid automobiles?  um..probably not so much, unless those cars are bringing them rice seed, fresh drinking water and helping them to respectfully care for the dead.

(i think everyone needs to read The River, Part I and II:  )

5.  Iran Test More Missiles; Rice Issues Warning

  If you've ever met or known any Iranian people, you will know almost right away that they are warm, loving, wonderful folk.  i personally know a few and have met some in Germany and other countries and really enjoy their culture and personalities, not to mention their food.  Oh my stars, it's good!  The government, however, is not so gregarious and seems to be like that bratty three-year old who pushes every boundary to see how far they can go.  Testing missiles in the Persian Gulf pointed toward Israel is not in the best interest of Iran or the world, for that matter, because we all know that the government means to do harm and no good..and we all know that the missiles are pointed towards Israel and should they release those missiles on Israel, we all know - or should know- that the world will erupt in total and horrid war.  Iranian government knows this too and they will keep pressing and pushing boundaries and not heeding any/all good advise from leaders all over the world who say, "Dude? Seriously?  Stop with the missles and the threats and the nukes and just learn to get along on the playground with everyone else."


So there's the headlines for the morning. 

Might want to go check out the crystal skull....but please don't drive with that drunken referee....

Monday, July 7, 2008

Not such a great beginning to the week

Today, at 0423. i was woke up.  Harshly.  Writhing in bed, breaking out into a sweat, moaning over and over "Oh not that, please not that...ohhh make it stop - please not that...breathe girl breathe...nooooooo..."

And then panted and tried to relax my left calf muscle which had gone into a charley horse spasm.


Ever been awakened that way?

Yeah...not so hot.

It's still quite sore and i babied it this morning at the gym - only walking for 30 min and then did upperbody weights.  By tomorrow it out to feel a bit better and hopefully i won't wake up the same way either.

Here's hoping!

Oh and if you see Charley - give him back his dang horse - i don't want it anymore!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This just made me laugh....



Everyone's favorite drunk, you're fun, flirty, and charming.
Unfortunately, you often spark jealousy - and unintentionally start bar fights.

You should never: Drink and dial. You'll just end up with multiple booty calls at your door!

Your ideal party: Is huge and lively. You love to work a crowd.

Your drinking soulmates: those with a Blueberry Martini personality

Your drinking rivals: those with a Dirty Martini personality

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ahh..the Elegant Facial

Leaving the massage bed and room was not an easy task as my vision was a bit blurred and i felt a little bit like i was in left field.  Thankfully the Canyon Ranch Spa has providers who know what they are doing and so Kris was waiting for me and guided me to Sara who was to give me what was called the Elegant Facial. 

As i settled into that warm bed and adjusted the covers over me, Sara pushed some buttons so that my body was completely cradled. Then she put a very bright light on my face to have a 'good look' at my pores and to check for sun damage or other problems.  i am happy to report that my face is free from any signs of skin cancer and also that the sun damage is not very much.  This is a good thing because when i was a child, i was not as careful as i should've been (think baby oil and iodine!)

Then began more pampering and cleansing and toning and exfoliating and more steam and massage to my head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet.  i was truly amazed at the care and time these ladies took with me and how they explained things, all the while putting one completely at ease and making the entire process very relaxing and enjoyable.  Sara used products on me that when she was done, left my face feeling very soft and smooth.  And very, very clean.  And very relaxed and just remembering it makes me feel all warm and relaxed.

i must say, too, that to date, my skin looks amazing.  i purchased some of the products that Sara used and have been usuing those and i do see a difference.  Plus i was in the sun and now my face is spattered with freckles.

So maybe the freckles aren't so amazing or elegant but the time at the spa was more than i could ever have imagined.

Friday, June 20, 2008

God-Sent Hands

Kris informed me that i was to remove my robe and lie, face down, on the massage table and put the sheet over me.  She exited the room and gave me a few minutes to get situated.  i was hot, my heart was pounding hard and i was a bit uncomfortable but still, glad to be there at the spa.  She knocked softly and came back in and then rearranged the sheet and asked me if i was too hot or cold.  i said 'a bit too hot' and so she turned off the heated bed and folded the sheet down to my hips. "Ahh..that's better." i said my words muffled because i was face down and in a donut shaped thing-y.

i sighed deeply and Kris remarked that the sound was good to hear.  She told me to just relax, i was there and all would be well.  The lights were very dim, the room cool and there was soft music playing. i was by now very comfortable.

She then stood by my head and ran her oiled hands down my back to my hips, adding pressure as she descended.  i groaned in sheer pleasure.  Not a sexual kind of pleasure but just relief of feeling the tension and stress already going from my body.  And folks, it only got better from there.  For 50 minutes, i was at her mercy, She poked and prodded and worked knots out of my neck and shoulders. She took her forearm and pressed that against the length of my legs, she used her hands on my feet that make me weak.  As time went on, i could feel myself almost floating, totally relaxed, warm, happy, very, very quiet.  At the beginning, i kept telling myself to just 'let go...let it all go' and at one point i almost cried (learning later that as the massage releases toxins from your muscles, emoting is a very common occurrence).  i recited Scripture and thanked God for the gift of the massage and then i just concentrated on her hands.  i don't remember that she was a very strong looking person - shorter than i - but oh! those hands.  Warm and soft and able to help me relax.  She also did something that was comforting - when she was done with one arm or leg and going to the other, she never took her hand from me.  That kept me relaxed as i knew where she was and was a comforting, almost motherly feeling of 'all is well..just stay still..i'm still here' kinda of feeling.  i just called it DIVINE.

Before i flipped over to my back so she could massage my face, head, arms, shoulder, legs and feet, Kris asked me quietly if i was ok.  i could only nods my head and sorta grunt...i was out of it.  Wonderful, wonderful feeling.

i later learned from another specialist that for a first-time massage, Kris was the best one to have.


Tomorrow: the Elegant Facial

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little slice of Heaven, even on Friday the 13th

i've just returned from vacation- quite a lovely one to be sure.  As part of a belated birthday gift, my sister planned and paid for me to have a day at the spa.  Not just any spa but a very nice, rather posh one.  i picked three services to have : body massage, elegance facial and a manicure.

i was to meet her there,as my appointment started 1/2 hour before hers so i dressed in a cute red/white skirt and blouse with absolutely gorgeous shoes and matching bag. i felt pretty relaxed on the way to the spa until i realized that due to some dental convention, i had to park three miles away and a bus would then take me to the spa.  A bus!  i was a bit put out by it all but it couldn't be helped, so i boarded the stupid bus and fumed (and sweated...yeah...gross) the who three miles. 

Arriving a bit late for my appointment, i hurried to the women's locker room and proceeded to undress and put on a robe.  Already hot because of the hike from where the bus dropped me to the spa, the thick but luscious robe felt like a heavy mink coat and i was sure to pass out.

But then, i met Kris who was to give me my massage. She totally put me at ease as she led me to the darkened room where i would give myself and all my tight muscles to her wonderful, capable hands.


Tomorrow:  God-sent Hands....Kris

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Common, Mr. E

Dear Mr. E,

Today you have the nerve to use the Elliptical that i had just gotten off of - and i was struggling today, really struggling.  In fact, Mr. E, i only did 20 min because i just wasn't having a good workout day.

And!  you could've really gotten to the gym about 15 min earlier and been on the machine next to me and helped a sister out.  But no! No, you only thought about yourself and the fact that you do about 7+ mph and no one else even is close to that at that time in the morning and and...

And..well..just know that next time?  Yeah, next time you come to the gym and dare to not help me by setting a good example?  Well..i just might spill my water on you! ha!




And in other news:

Want to hire:  A Marine Drill Sgt for MWF @ 5am at my gym

Reason: To yell at me and make me stay on the machine and not give up

Salary:  Sheer joy in yelling at me @ 5 am on MWF




Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a day!

It's Sunday and in my part of Pennsylvania it is a perfect kind of day.  Warm sunshine, nice breezes and no humidity.  Perfect.

So i think i'll get off the computer and go enjoy it.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dude, Seriously...

What's with all the sneezing and coughing and stuffy nose bit?  Huh?  i've not had this much trouble with allergies since i was about 18 (just two years ago..cough cough).  But for the past week, i've been a regular sneeze machine.  Isn't that a lovely image?  Yeah...that's what i thought.

And the other thing is:  i have been working three jobs(one full time and two part-time) for years.  It's grueling.  For the past three weeks, i've only worked the full time and one part time and ya know what?  i feel human.  i mean really human.  i had time last night after cleaning the house and some other chores to just enjoy the evening.  i was able to talk with neighbors and read a bit and even garden and just putz around the house enjoying the house.  Wow.  Do you think real people do that all the time?  Amazing.  If this trend keeps up, i might feel fully human by the end of summer.

The only thing is the job i've not been doing for the past couple of weeks is being the choir director at my church and let me tell you, that's a hard one for me to let go.  i enjoy the music, i love the people and it's just a fun job.  i've been doing it for about seven years and just feel burnt out..need to be rejuvenated and refreshed.  So i'm pretty sure that i won't be doing it this coming Fall...which is a bit sad for me, but if feeling human and having some time off to enjoy and live life is the 'cost'...well, so be it.

So YAY for summer and a time to relax a bit more.  Yay for gardening and clean houses and a few evenings free.

And double YAY for Bath and Body Works Lavendar Vanilla bath salts.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...

...emmasirish is now a whopping 15 lbs lighter.

woooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Doing the happy dance!

Still in a love-hate relationship with the Ellipitical but today's workout was amazing and i could feel the difference in my endurance. A very happy gym day today!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008 save me

i am a huge Rascal Flatts fan.  i like their sound. i like their harmonies. i like the way they play. And i like their songs.  A recent one "Everyday" is just amazing to me because it's hit a strong chord (pun intended) with me.

Life as i know it, isn't always easy.  i, like everyone else, have hard, dark days where i wonder what on earth i'm accomplishing as a human being.  i sometimes wonder if i were to suddenly die, would anyone care, would i leave anykind of legacy, would my life have glorified God, would...would...would.  And there are days (thankfully not many of them) where i feel "NO" is the answer to all those questions.

But then i see my younger siblings and they scream my name and run to give me a hug, or i get an email from my niece, or a thank you note from someone or even an email from a loved One and in all they seem to say "We like you.  you matter to me/us. Don't give up.  Keep the faith."

And it makes all the difference.



Monday, May 19, 2008

Wondering about Spring...

So given that everyone jumped on the Global Warming bandwagon, i assumed that this spring would be hot giving way to an even hotter summer.  We've had summers like that before - where by early May the temperature is in the 80's and then it just gets worse until about mid-October.  And that's what i was the whole Global Warming bit.

So would someone please explain to me why i'm sitting in my house, with a fleece on and a space heater running?  Why when you are outside past oh..say, noon, you have to wear a jacket and why, for all the Global Warming, is the rain that falls not so much a warm gentle May rain, but more like late March early April?

One would think this could be explained..

Um..but probably not by spouting off  "Global Warming" crap, erm.. i meant to say theories.  Yes! Theories..uh huh..that's what i meant to say

Now...where's that hot tea i was brewing - i might soak my feet in it just to bring them back to warmth.



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look what i can do!

Recently, i've started waking at 0400.  Yes.  Every day.  Every single crazy day.  my alarm typically goes off at 0430 M-F, but i find that i'm wide awake that 1/2 hour earlier.

Whyyyyy???  i am not a great sleeper - never have been, but for the love of all that is righteous and good must i wake at 4 o'clock in the morning??? There's not even anything exciting going on at that hour.  All the crazies have fallen asleep, no motorcycle/police car chases through the city, no drunks singing love songs as they stagger home, no FedEx deliveries or parades.  Nope, it's very dark and very quiet at that hour.  i know. 

Sometimes i can drift back off to sleep for about 15 minutes but ya know? Why bother.  i'll just feel worse for wear if i do.  So i've been getting up. 

Yeah.  Up and walking around my house at 0400. 

Ain't life grand?


::rolls eyes::