Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look like...winter

Snowed on Saturday night, but of course it had to. You see, my neighborhood has an annual Christmas party and ours was scheduled, and held, on Saturday night and it's always terribly cold and snows on our party. Odd? Mebbe.

This party is like no other. We go from house to house - usually spending about one hour or so in each house. The owners of the house provide the food and each person brings their own drink - no matter what it is. Also when you go to each house, you take an ornament thus each person receives one ornament from each of the other neighbors. There are about six houses that participate and it's always, always a wonderful night. The end of the party always is at my house, where i serve desserts and then we sing Christmas carols (i have the piano and can play it) and then the party breaks up around 2am and everyone goes home.

It was a huge success this year and i had a wonderful time.

In other news: family from the South will be here in about 11 days. i can't wait.

Still in other news: the funk is fading but i was a miserable wretch for a few days. In spite of the Christmas season, some personal issues brought me low. However, i am determined to have a wonderful Christmas time - so i press forward!

Merry Christmas!


Kurt said...

That party sounds like a blast. If the people on my block spoke to one another, that would be fun!

emma said...

It IS a blast and you should move to my neighborhood...except for the snobbery, we're a great bunch of people.