Friday, August 1, 2008

The Dinner Party

Tonight eight people will join me in what is commonly called A Dinner Party.  Done in a multi-course fashion, and not just a little snobbery, we will dine on food specially prepared by me in a backyard that is lush and green.

Never mind the mosquitoes, nor the fact that it's close to 90F today and we'll probably sweat our way through the soup course, nor that one of the guests is highly allergic to cats and i have two, nor that i still have alot to do and it's already noon and their coming at 6pm and i'm still at work and not stressing at all but do have a mild migraine cause i'm hungry and did i mention i still have alot to do?

i'm sure it will be fine...

and if not...well...hmm...let's not go there!

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