Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wake up and smell the coffee...

The mistakes and gaffes and stealing and lying and cheating that is going on in this country's government right now is about to make my head explode. The arrogance and disregard for the Constitution and all the good that this country stands for is enough to make me go postal.


If the American people don't wake up and see what's happening to our very freedoms and start speaking out about it, we're going to go down a road that will take forever to undo.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Whew! Dodged that bullet!

In today's headlines, the President of Brazil apparently said that the global credit crisis has been caused by 'white people with blue eyes.'

Since my eyes are brown, i'm not to blame.

YEEE HAWWW and give me more credit!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ahh! It's Spring!

The Spring Cleaning bug has bitten me pretty hard in the past week (dang bug!) - and i can't wait to get home tonight to see what else i can throw out or donate to charity. Can't. wait. Why?
Cause it's just so much fun to declutter and get rid of junk! love it!

i'm tackling one of my worst places in the entire house: the basement. i have stuff down there that just needs to find another home. Like roller blades with no innards...the wheels are great - still works but long ago a nice little mouse made it's home out of the innards and so...

Think someone would buy them for $.50?

Oh, that reminds me - i want to rent a table at the local flea market to get rid of my stuff. Everything will be under a dollar...closer to $.25 and $.50. Though the money would be great - i want to de-clutter more.

SO! Here's to phase one of Flea Market Fun!

Friday, March 20, 2009

How Tactless!

So apparently Mr. Obama made a wise-crack comparing his bowling ability to Special Olympics. While this isn't something that will put the world up in arms, it was tactless of the Leader of this Country to say on National Television.

i have two brothers who have a very real and life-long disabilty. One of them is confined to a wheelchair most of the day and though he can use his arms, it takes considerable effort to do so. The other brother can walk with crutches or a walker, but also uses a wheelchair.

And while neither boy is overly sensitive about their disability and are rather cool kids (even if i do say so myself), i can't imagine that they were thrilled with that statement. And just because it might not bother them, i am sure that there are others who felt the slight.

Learning proper protocol and ettiquette should be a high priority for whomever takes the highest position of our Land. i dare say the Obamas could use a couple of crash courses...the sooner..the better.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The List

So i've done three more things on my 101 things in 1001 days. That makes me very happy - cause i LOVE to check things off of a list! WHOOT!


#33 - Go through shoes and either donate or throw out.
This wasn't a very hard thing to do - as the new season is upon us and i like to wear my shoes until they really are ready for the rubbish heap. Plus it gives me a very, very good excuse to get new ones, right? Double WHOOT!

#63 - Buy flowers for myself
i've done this three times in the last two weeks. First it was daffodils, then tulips and now i have a lovely small bouquet of Gerber daisies and roses. i love fresh flowers and they are so worth the money. Plus they bring joy to all who see them. i wonder why i don't do this enough for myself? Crazy.

#91 - Become involved in my political party.
Well...i'm kind of becoming a barracuda in this area. However, i'm finding that i enjoy it and also realize that i have a lot to learn about politics and what is going on in our country's government. As i try to keep this blog as politic-free as possible, let me just say that i'm becoming very passionate about what is the right thing to do, regardless of political party. When our government chooses to do wrong (and both parties have through the years), the ones to pay the ultimate price are her citizens. So those citizens must, for their own safety, speak up when they disagree and let their voice be heard. Remember: the government works for the citizens...not the other way around.

So three things that have been very fulfilling to me to accomplish. Can't wait to tackle more...!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sleep, Sleep, Wherest Art Thou?

For about the past three weeks, i've not had a decent night's sleep. Either i cannot go to sleep or i wake around 3am. It's horrid. i feel horrid and am sure that dark circles around my eyes are just on the horizon.

i thought at first that i was upset about some family issues, but no, i'm at peace with that.

Then i thought it was the economy and present adminstration, and yes, i'm still upset on a daily basis, but try not to take that to bed with me.

Then i imagined that it was my horrible newish neighbors and perhaps that is part of it - they come and go at all hours of the night and i can hear their door slam, etc.

Sometimes i feel hungry but who wants to cook at 2am?

It's almost become that i dread 'sleep time' and think i should just stay awake for 24 hours to try to re-set my internal clock.

Or maybe i need to knock back a pint or twelve.

Hmm...now there's something to think about!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are Ya Wearin' the Green?

Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all.

Kisses to the true Irish.

Pinches to those who forgot to wear the green.

So raise your glasses high, embrace some great Celtic music and dance!

It's a lovely day.

(my grandfather never wishes me a Happy St. Paddy's day as his side of the family were/are Protestant and he actually used to march in the Orangemen's Day Parade!...so whether you're wearing the green or orange - have a tremendous day!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

What a weekend!!

Friday: Only had to work one job. So...decided to spring clean Master bedroom. New comforter set, new curtains, cleaned everything, rearranged furniture, threw out a bunch of things, read some old love letters that my grandmother and grandfather sent to each other - cried a bit at their deep love, took a hot shower and crawled in between fresh wonderful sheets. Slept very deeply.

Saturday: Didn't have to work! WHOOT! Went to a Mary Kay party with my mother, spent some time with one of my sister's, saw a huge flock of robins in a farmer's yard (the first sighting of the season! YAY!), chilled for a bit, did laundry (ok,..because of spring cleaning and washing some curtains, that took until 9pm), somewhere in there i ate, watched an old movie, went to bed...oh and the house was so hot - it was kinda wonderful.

Sunday: Didn't have to work! DOUBLE WHOOT! Went to church an hour late, realized it in the parking lot, went grocery shopping, went back to church for the later service, went home, got the paper, drank coffee and read the paper, put up new curtains in kitchen (and the washed lace ones), made homemade yoghurt for the first time, made two quiches (bacon, asparagus, cheese..YUM!) cut and froze one, cut and froze some strawberries, make artichokes and endulged in them while waiting for the quiches to bake, went outside and sat and talked with the neighbors for a few minutes, ate the quiche, watched an old movie, went to bed and read for a while.

It was a fairly great weekend. i got so much done at home, but also saw how much there is to do here in Spring Cleaning season.

Unfortunately, i have to work a lot this week, but have great plans for next Saturday morning and maybe even Wednesday of this week...

Spring is surely on it's way!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ain't it fun?

This morning i attended a famous brand make up party with my mother. When we arrived, the other women were already there and we spent the next few hours cleansing, moisturizing and putting on makeup. It was a blast.

Sometimes, when one attends these types of things, the women are shy and don't say much. However, the hostess made a big mistake by sitting my mother and another good friend next to me and we laughed tremendously.

So here i am...all made up and feeling great and it's only 1.31pm. Time to hit the shops!

It's just so much fun to be a girl....most times!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

i'm still upset

Anger, like grieving, has a cycle and mostly will works it way out of me in time. i try not to live my life so that anger takes over at any time. However, this whole thing with the Philadelphia Eagles and Brian Dawkins has me quite upset.

And the more time goes on and the story unfolds, the angrier i get.

You just don't let a guy like him walk away without begging him to re-consider.

But the front office just doesn't get it - and then the lie to top things off. So yeah, great times.

i'm not a jock -though i played sports in highschool- i'm acutally quite girlie and will scream at spiders and mice and other things that are creepy, smaller than i and with lots of legs. i like pink. i love flowers. i garden, read and play the piano. i like lace. i love antiques. i wear skirts and heels and makeup.


but when i think of football and the Eagles in particular, a deep passion resides that comes with a very, very strong opinion and a loud voice. it's kinda funny, actually.

Brian Dawkins played with the same passion as the fans cheered. For so many fans of the Eagles, cheering for them has been handed down from generation to generation and that love of the team is deeply instilled in families from birth. It's something i've experienced, yet can't really explain. And Dawk got that and played and loved the game the same way that 'we' did.

And now he's gone. And the Front Office looks like a bunch of schmucks.

i love football but am not excited about the new season....thankfully we have the Flyers and Phillies to root for in the meantime!

Monday, March 2, 2009

How did it happen?

The Philadelphia Eagles are no longer the home team of Brian Dawkins.

Words..mere words cannot express how i feel about this, but i assure you that it's not good.

i just can't believe it.

i think the entire city of Philadelphia is in mourning and needs to be enrolled in a 12-step grieving program.