Monday, November 3, 2008

The Parade

i cannot even describe what Friday was like to experience. We left my hometown around 9am and were standing on Broad Street by 10.30am. Front row. Since we were a little bit down the parade route-the streets weren't terribly crowded at that point but by the time the parade came by - it was jammed packed.

Seeing the players and screaming for them was fun - it was a celebration. But the rest of the day was even more so - because it's what happened throughout the day that was amazing.

It was the feeling of brotherly love - it was the feeling of joy. Unbridled Joy is what Mitch Williams called it. And he was right.

i mean, let's face it, the economy stinks, the election is horrible, people are losing their jobs, and their homes. It's hard times for many. However, you give the vast majority something to cheer about and it's like we're all best friends. i got hugged by many, many guys and old ladies. i high fived cops and kids. i screamed until my voice was gone (and it still is three days later). Everyone was laughing and crying and joking around - people were cheering having fun. The feeling in the air was complete celebration and love and happiness.

i don't think i have the skill to adequately say what the day meant to me - but it was amazing and i'm so very glad i got to go (never mind the fact that Jamie Moyer WAVED to me! WHOOT!)

Later that night, the 76ers won and yesterday so did the Eagles (we won't really talk about the Flyers...)-so the feeling goes on. i know it'll all come to a close, but for one day - one perfect day-Philadelphia was a place of beauty, love and celebration.

We are the champions, baby!

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