Monday, August 11, 2008

Dreading the Winter

It's August.  i should be sweating and complaining about the high humidity...but here i am on a rare day off -in a sweater, windows closed and wearing slippers.  The outside temp is about 65. So is the inside temp.

i was just talking to my mother and she says she remembers a number of years ago(when i was a young teen) when we had a cool summer and then that winter was a very harsh one...with lots of snow and ice. Perhaps we won't have that same kind of winter, but a number of people i know, in this area, are already dreading what is to come.

The nice part is that autumn has to come in there somewhere - and that is my favourite season....

but it's kinda odd to be wrapped up in a sweater and slippers in the middle of August.

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