Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just because i can..

Rarely do i make any news references or political statements here.  One reason is because, to be totally honest, i don't care if you agree or disagree with me on my views and so by not posting there are no arguments.  Yes, i know - i am an ostrich...  The other reason is that sometimes, it's just not worth the effort to write it all out.  Sloth, anyone?

But today, this sunny day in July, i found some of the headlines on to be a bit humorous.  Some will have comments.  Others will just stand alone.


1.Wiconsin Law Bans Sex with Dead.

    There is nothing i could say or would want to say about that one.

2. Smithsonian Put Mysterious Crystal Skull on Display.

   Might it be best to take it to the local county fair and have the gypsy woman look into it?  i bet she'd get alot more business if she was telling futures from a crystal skull than just that plain ole ball...

3.  Drunk Referee Helped Off Field After Soccer Game

    Just too funny for comment.

4.  (not so funny) Hybrid Drives Engineer to Death

    Seriously?  If your work is stressing you out that much, even it's for the better good of the environment, it's not worth it.   Human life is always, always more important than anything and while i DO believe in caring for the earth in the best way possible and with integrity, i think caring for our human bodies and those of others is way more important.  Do you really think that those starving in other countries, or even the horrid things going on in Burma really care about Hybrid automobiles?  um..probably not so much, unless those cars are bringing them rice seed, fresh drinking water and helping them to respectfully care for the dead.

(i think everyone needs to read The River, Part I and II:  )

5.  Iran Test More Missiles; Rice Issues Warning

  If you've ever met or known any Iranian people, you will know almost right away that they are warm, loving, wonderful folk.  i personally know a few and have met some in Germany and other countries and really enjoy their culture and personalities, not to mention their food.  Oh my stars, it's good!  The government, however, is not so gregarious and seems to be like that bratty three-year old who pushes every boundary to see how far they can go.  Testing missiles in the Persian Gulf pointed toward Israel is not in the best interest of Iran or the world, for that matter, because we all know that the government means to do harm and no good..and we all know that the missiles are pointed towards Israel and should they release those missiles on Israel, we all know - or should know- that the world will erupt in total and horrid war.  Iranian government knows this too and they will keep pressing and pushing boundaries and not heeding any/all good advise from leaders all over the world who say, "Dude? Seriously?  Stop with the missles and the threats and the nukes and just learn to get along on the playground with everyone else."


So there's the headlines for the morning. 

Might want to go check out the crystal skull....but please don't drive with that drunken referee....

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krtanthony said...

I want to visit Iran one day when America is being nicer.