Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Better than Martha Stewart?

i love purses and have quite a little collection. i don't buy highly expensive ones and i try to get well-made ones at low prices. Because of this um...'love' - i had the collection hanging from some hooks on the back of my door to my dressing room*. And the other day i took white tissue paper and stuffed each purse accordingly. How nice each purse looks now - holding it's shape and happily hanging there.

But i knew that purses shouldn't hang. Rather, they need to be in a cubby or on a shelf.

AHA! my friend, Emily said! Put little lavendar sachets in each purse to keep them pest free (moths) and then they will be gently fragranced each time you use them.
(she's so smart)

So we joke about it - kind of - and i was truly thinking about the cubby idea - mainly because i like to keep what i have nice AND also i like to do things like that cause it makes others laugh (my nickname this Christmas season is Mrs. Klausenjausen)

Well i think Emily is better than Martha Stewart -because we checked out her site and she didn't mention one bit of the lavendar sachets.

Sometimes i get so Stewart-y i scare myself...


*Dressing room: my middle bedroom which i'm turning into an office/dressing room - a work in progress.

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Kurt said...

It's suddenly 60 degrees here and not very Christmassy.