Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life's curves

What i love most about life is just when everything seems to be going ok..not super great, but ok...the kind of ok where one can relax a bit and take a deep breath and say "'s Christmas time" throws ya a curve.

Not a terribly deep curve - cause those are just unhittable, but still this kind of curve makes you swing harder than you wanted to -not knowing if you'll actually make contact or if you'll strike out.

i think i'll be able to hit this curve and maybe even drive it out of the park (not like driving out demons but more like I HIT A HOMERUN!!!!!!!!!!!!) and all parties involved will be ok and maybe even better for the experience....but while that ball is still on it's way down the pike and while the bat is still hovering over my shoulder..i'm just not sure how it will all work out.

So while i'm waiting for the crack of the bat..the roar of the crowd and the privledge of running to all the bases, i think i'm going to buy a pair of new shoes...

...cause i have to look good for the parade, you know!

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