Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dream Weaver and an off-handed compliment

Apparently the weird dreams continued to last night as i raced, again with my brother, in a go-cart in his neighborhood in Florida, while he was running his modified race car so to keep the engine warm between races.  yeah...weird...also something was in that about breast implants(for me..) but i didn't like the dr...makes me really look forward to tonight and the 'movie' that will play in my dreams.

And then today, at my second job...the retail one, a young man named Rico said to me....

"Are you married?"

i replied i was not.

He then said, "Well, you are really beautiful and I just wanted to tell you that."

He then paused, i was ringing his purchases..and then he said,

"Is there any kind of discount i could get for that?"

i laughed and said "For what? telling me i'm pretty...for being nice and you want a discount?"




Saturday, August 30, 2008

There's a cow in my house and her name is Betsy

This past week has been a very stressful and highenergy one for me.  Stressful in the 'if i don't do well, my Boss will catch it' kind and high energy as in...non-stop work for days on end. Lack of sleep and early mornings/late nights left me rather ragged last night.  So i plumped up all my pillows and grabbed a late supper whilst paging through the Fall edition of Vogue (personal opinion? Last fall's edition was better..but still was a nice 798 pages).

Then finally went to bed.  i've been known to have very strange dreams, not scary ones - i wake myself during those-but the kind that make ya wonder how on earth my brain thought of that.  Last night or early this morning was no exception.

What i remember of the dream was that i bought a cow..a small black/white and named her Betsy.  she lived on my third floor but was really only there for sleeping as she was either in the living room with me or out back eating.  she loved corn kernels in mayo and anytime she misbehaved, i just bribed her with that.

Then the 'scene' switches to a farm where i am attempting to teach Betsy how to drive a tractor and my brother tells me to never mind, he'll just put her in the front seat of his car.

This is a cow..not a cartoon cow but a real looking cow.  she just was very flexible i guess because she was able to sit in his car...which was some 1950's red/white thing with huge fenders and was all tricked out. 

That kinda went on for a while and there was a russian family involved and i was going somewhere and ext ect and just all crazy stuff...and then what woke me was that a friend of mine washed Betsy and did her hair AT A BEAUTY SALON and rolled the hair on the top of her head in rollers to make her look pretty.

And i woke up howling in laughter...eyes closed,not truly awake but as my mind went back over the dream i realized how silly it was and laughed harder.  Out loud laughter.

i went back to sleep and dreamt more - but Betsy was never far from me.

i really loved that cow.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Dearest Friend... the title of the book i am currently reading.  It is a complelation of the 289 letters written between John and Abigail Adams.  i chose to read this book after watching the John Adams HBO series that i found at Blockbuster.  The series was good.  This book is riveting.

i find that i don't have the proper words to convey my emotions concerning this book.  American history, way of living, joys, sorrows and deep unending love betwix the two are just some of what one can expect.

John Adams wrote something that holds very true, even today.  He has been seperated some time from his family and felt their absence deeply.  He wrote to Abigail:

Posterity!  You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your Freedom!  I hope you will make a good use of it.  If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it.



Friday, August 15, 2008


For some reason, unknown to me, i am terribly homesick for France today.  i know for sure i miss the food, but it's other things, the little things that sometimes make me stop and remember.  It's the crowded metro and the streets lined with folks going and coming from Paris.  It's the way mothers call their children (in a very high sing-songy way) or even the street-sweeper man who picked up all the dog poo...

America is my country and i am fierciously loyal and patriotic to her

but Paris is my home too..and i long to be in her sweet embrace.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dreading the Winter

It's August.  i should be sweating and complaining about the high humidity...but here i am on a rare day off -in a sweater, windows closed and wearing slippers.  The outside temp is about 65. So is the inside temp.

i was just talking to my mother and she says she remembers a number of years ago(when i was a young teen) when we had a cool summer and then that winter was a very harsh one...with lots of snow and ice. Perhaps we won't have that same kind of winter, but a number of people i know, in this area, are already dreading what is to come.

The nice part is that autumn has to come in there somewhere - and that is my favourite season....

but it's kinda odd to be wrapped up in a sweater and slippers in the middle of August.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Let's Analyze This Face...


To be honest, i was looking for the picture that AOL has on their news feed right now.  Because i wanted to look at THE FACE and see what it is about him...about Mr. Clooney that makes him so handsome.

1.  The smile lines.  Guys, do you have ANY idea how sexy it is to see, by the smile lines close to your eyes, that being quick to smile and laugh is totally hot.

2.  Brown eyes. 

3. This picture doesn't show it - but the gray hair is also hot.  Guys fuss about going gray or bald, but sheesh - don't.  It's sexy..shows that you are maturing (you know my saying: Men aren't truly sexy until they are about 45 yrs old) and seriously, bald men ..just well..something about that always catches my eye...and NO it's not the glare...oops! Did i just say that out loud?   

4. In all the pictures i saw, he portrays confidence.  Confidence and that he enjoys being in his body - in his skin.  That is also incredibly WOWZA.  i like Men with confidence - which, by the way, is not arrogance.  Arrogance wears on ya like a dripping faucet..confidence allows those around you to relax and enjoy themselves because they aren't afraid of offending or of your fragile ego (which i know you have..just don't be a whiney baby about it)


and that's my story...i like Mr. Clooney's face.  i have NO idea what his personality is or if he is even a likable guy - i just like his face.  Notice i did not say fantasize...just like.


Early Morning Quiet

Last night we had a rare and much loved 59 degree weather.  i slept so well - cannot even tell you how good it was.  And this morning, i was up early, watered the garden, cleaned the birdbath, had my coffee and puttered around getting ready for work.  Quite a lovely way to start the week.

i love early mornings.  i love the quiet and slowly turns to noisey as the world wakes up.  Even though i live in a city, it's not a major one and i love in the historic district and it's quite nice in the morning.  Kids are still sleeping. Trash trucks not yet started, just a few people up and moving about. 

It set the tone for the rest of my day, that early morning time in the garden.  There was one lone honey bee desperate for the pollen from a morning glory.  In fact, his insistence of retrieveing that delectable bits were quite amusing to watch.  He could not get his head in far enough and his little back legs were scrambling against the petals to push him in further.  i wish i would've had my camera out there with me.

Then the sun peaked over Mt.Penn and i knew it was time to put the 'get ready for work' plan into action.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Dinner Party, Part II

When the guests arrived, they found a hostess that was very calm and cool and had things well under control.  The moment of panic i had earlier was fun but thankfully didn't stay.

So we ate, and ate, and ate...a six-course meal, prepared by me and enjoyed by all (unless they all lied to me!).  One couple, newly engaged, asked (in a moment of weakness,i'm thinking) if i'd cater their wedding supper.  thanks though. i could help them plan the food but there is a huge difference in planning and cooking for 7 or even 20 (which i've done...) and say..200. But it was nice of them to ask.

We ate outdoors where i had taken my kitchen talbe, an antique round table, outside and set it up with my best china and crystal.  Another fun panic attack came when i realized that the lid to my good silverware had been opened abit and all my silver was tarnished.  my precious mother came to the rescue bringing over not just one but both of her sets and the night was saved.  Seriously, i don't know what i would've done...served a fancy-schmancy meal with plasticware? um...   So i have a silverware polishing party in the works...oh goody.

i had candles everywhere - and the effect was exactly how i wanted it - kinda majical.  my garden is very lush and full right now, so that just added to the whole picture.  Someone remakred that being in the back yard didn't even feel like we were in the city. It really was special.

Yesterday i did all of the cleanup and my house is back in order and today, this glorious Sunday,i am sipping my's only 63 outside (YUM) and the sun is bright and lovely.  It's going to be a good day.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Dinner Party

Tonight eight people will join me in what is commonly called A Dinner Party.  Done in a multi-course fashion, and not just a little snobbery, we will dine on food specially prepared by me in a backyard that is lush and green.

Never mind the mosquitoes, nor the fact that it's close to 90F today and we'll probably sweat our way through the soup course, nor that one of the guests is highly allergic to cats and i have two, nor that i still have alot to do and it's already noon and their coming at 6pm and i'm still at work and not stressing at all but do have a mild migraine cause i'm hungry and did i mention i still have alot to do?

i'm sure it will be fine...

and if not...well...hmm...let's not go there!