Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What God Has Done

It amazes me that when you choose to follow Christ and REALLY listen to His voice and give Him full reign over your life, how things change and move really, really fast.

More on that later, this is just a teaser post...but let's just say a few months ago I was cleaning cabins in the woods and God willing, in December, I will be in India.

And I am more grateful and thankful than one can imagine.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Whole Year?

How is it that almost an entire year has gone by with no posts from the Queen of France? Mercy!

But what a year it's been. i finally have full time employment in health services..my first love. It's been great to get back into the health field and as i work with the residents, i remember how much i adore elderly folks.

Much has changed in this past year, quite a bit of sorrow but also quite a bit of great joy. Fun things on the horizon as well and just reconnected with an Friend which also fills me with joy.

Doesn't hurt that today is a gorgeous day either. Kind of lifts ones spirits.

Hello Spring! i'm surely glad you're here. Now let's see if i can blog more than once a year, shall we?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hey there!

Well, for starters i am alive and well.

So here is a quick snap shot:
~still unemployed
~did not lose house .... yet
~more thankful about that then you have any idea
~Niece is doing well although this back and forth thing (stupid shared custody) is causing some bahaviour problems
~Also, she will be 2 in August
~And she is hilarious and knows it
~ i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad Spring and warmer weather is here
~i applied for a job in New York City and Atlanta, GA as well as about 10 here locally.
~applying for jobs non stop is exhausting
~Baseball season started
~Phillies have lost the last two games
~i am not happy about that
~i think that is all for now
~OH and computer bit the dust...totally fried. boooo

Friday, February 11, 2011

...In All Things

Sometimes it catches me unawares. The longing. The sudden and painful tugging at my heart. The feeling of loss...of never ...of why? Not often, thankfully. i have worked through it...have let that dream go...have focused, instead, on what is at hand.

But sometimes....sometimes i allow myself to grieve for what i, am rather sure, will never have. And then i remember that i have so many other things. i should not be ungrateful. My heart, is, however, because i am human and not perfect and oh! so selfish.

i have so many other ways to love, to experience love, to show love, to give love. So many need it. i have alot of it stored up...but stored up for what? For me? For later? i guess i realized that my visions of "later" may never come to fruition. So why hoard it? Give it away. Bless someone else's life with love, kindness...caring.

And then, be thankful. Give thanks that i have been given a heart that is tender and loves. Give thanks that there are those who lack it so that i can help them, love them, pour into their lives

The ache will always be there...i know that. But it is the NOT focusing on me...and my grief that frees me up to love others unconditionally.

In all things....be thankful. In all things...give love. In all things...do not be selfish and hoard what has been given...give it away.

i am learning.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Today, i am choosing to be thankful ..because i truly believe that will help keep the depressing reality in check.

i am thankful for:

*a cupboard that is not yet bare. Getting thin but still plenty to eat and i have not been able to get a good grocery order since November.

*the ability to apply for jobs, even though nothing has come of it yet, i am still hopeful and still finding things for which to apply.

*my doggie came through her spaying surgery with no problems. Although when she was moaning in pain and discomfort two nights ago, it was horrible, but she is doing so much better today.

*the series we are going through at church has been amazing and i have been so challenge and am growing so much. Even the things i wrestle with...that still promotes growth.

*that sweet little niece. Oh my but she is a joy to be around. my little siblings are all grown up and i have forgotten how dear and precious babies are...and how quickly they learn. Amazing.

*my cat, Moses.

*all this snow! What a winter. i can promise you that when (if) warm weather comes around, i will be singing at the top of my lungs! But i do love the snow.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's The Little Things

Recently, i think i mentioned this before, i have been challenged to find at least one thing a day, and write it down, for which i am grateful and/or thankful. The idea behind this is to grab each day as it has been given to you, to appreciate even the tiniest things that are good and to focus your attention on the positive things of life, rather than the negative.

As i have stated ad nauseum, my troubles and problems with unemployment and the like, i believe, more than ever, that this exercise is something that i must do. Must.

Actually, i am rather excited about it all. Won't it be fun to to draw my attention to the positive? Won't it be nice to read my words that reflect fun things and not always the moaning and complaining? LOL yes, i imagine it will.

i am going to start today, but probably will not post things for a week or more...want to get into a routine before going global with the idea.

2011...the year of taking delight in the little things.

Friday, January 14, 2011

i've lost that global feeling whoooaaa that global feeling...

Hmm...just realized a bit ago that because my own problems, lack of work, possible losing of my house, family issues and all that goes with that, have loomed so large in my mind, i have totally lost my global focus.

Not cool.

my desires, prayers, concerns and worries have, of late, all been about ME. ME ME ME ME...

ugh. That, in reflection, grosses me out. Like totally...with a trailer hitch...or a spoon.

i have always desired to have a global focus in my life. What that means to me is that though i take care of the home front, i know what is going on, basically, in the world. There are friends, workers, missionaries, dignitaries for whom i pray that i also know what is going on in their world. Blogs that are read to keep me up to date with situations in foreign places...places that have suffering people, or, on the flip side, prosperous people, about whom i have interest. i enjoy that. It keeps me humble and able to focus not on me, but on others.

But.....i realized about 1/2 hour ago, with total conviction, that i have been wearing backwards reflectors. Ewwww....that means that all i see is me. my problems, my issues, my complaints, my stress, my lack of money, or lack of work, my relationships that need to be mended, my lack of patience and gentleness sometimes, my worry about the niece, my, my my my arent i boring?

The beauty of this all is that this is a new morning. Clean slate to start anew with concerns, prayers, thoughts and encouragement to others. Clearly my own situation is not ideal at present. Clearly there is stress that goes with being unemployed....however, clearly there is a need for me to get my eyes off of myself...lift them upward and outward and grasp the world.

It feels good, you know? To chase away that stagnant air that sometimes resides in your soul. Most times we do not even realize it is there...until we take a breath of something sweeter...then...then the growth can begin.

So here is to a new morning, full of mercy.
And a new outlook that includes the world and not just lil ole me.

Whew! What a relief!