Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How then shall we vote?

Well i did my civic duty - gladly too i might add. As a registered Republican, i typically will lean to that party. This year, i was ready to make a change and vote either Independent or Democrat - depending on the candidates.

Thing is, i don't trust Obama and Nader and Paul just didn't candidate enough for me. So once again, i voted Republican for the President/Vice President. i'm not terribly thrilled about either candidate - they both have bits and pieces that are way too scary and odd. But i would rather vote my conscience and so i did. One has to remember that when you're voting for the President you're voting for more than just the platform those candidates are running from....you're also voting for the people that will surround those candidate and give advise...that's when you have to look beyond the personalities running around the country giving speeches and scrutinize the ones 'behind the scenes'.

Local government was a bit easier to mix up - some of the Senators are democrat and got my vote because of the way they contribute to the community. Some are republican and i voted for the same reason - i like being able to vote for anyone i like, agree with or think is a good leader.

One of my sisters is voting for the first time this year. She is more into politics at her age than i ever was and i'm very proud of the way she's studied the candidates and has made her choice. she's excited about making her voice heard.

So whatever comes today - whether Obama or McCain win - it's a great day to be able to vote in a country where you can go to the polls and vote how you think best.

Vote your conscience!

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