Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lap dog

In an effort to conserve energy and cut costs, the place where i work full-time has decided to lower the temperature in buildings by two degrees. This is a decision that i think is wise, even if it does cause a little discomfort.

Whenever i'm prone to complain about the temperature of my house or job (and i do complain), i am reminded over and over of some folks i know who live in Tajikistan and how glad they were when their house reached 45F in the dead of winter. Um...yeah..about that.

What i could do is get a lap dog to come to work with me(do you think they'll believe me if i say it is a seeing eye dog?) and that will at least keep my feet and/or legs from freezing off.

Think that would work?

(picture stolen from google.com)

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