Thursday, November 6, 2008

Circus Cat

my cat, Moses, is about 8 yrs old. i found him in some high weeds next to my church (thus the name). He is grey/white and a very wonderful cat.

When he was quite young, i noticed that he was always perching on the bannister newel-kinda like a seal on a ball. So i started calling him circus cat. Whenever i wanted him to do that trick for friends and family, i would say, "Hey Mose...wanna do Circus Cat?" and he always makes a cute little noise and gets ready for the show.

i also noticed that he was very interested in me when i was on a ladder painting or fixing something in the house and so i also taught him how to climb a ladder. (This came in handy one day when he was stuck on the roof...he was able to climb the ladder from porch roof to the top of the house where i was waiting..and i caught him..more on that exciting story later.)

Well last night i was doing some stencling in my hallway and i was surprised that he wasn't interested. So i said "Wanna do Circus Cat?" and two minutes later, he was on top of the ladder, looking around and purring like mad.

i think i'm going to start charging friends and family cause obviously he has talent and i plan on using that money for my retirement.

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