Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another on voting

i'm astounded to hear about some of the problems around the country. How is it that for me, in Reading, PA it was smooth sailing all the way. We don't use paper ballots - everyone was on the list and there was at least one Spanish speaker present to help those who's English isn't terribly good (more on that later today isn't the day for that rant).

i waiting in line for about 10 min - maybe less. Went in my little booth, pushed the buttons...when i had double checked everything - pushed the green VOTE button and was done. Easy peasy - no hassle no trouble just doing what i've been doing since i turned 18. (which of course was last year..cough.cough)

but hearing about some of the problems and paper ballots (!!) for goodness sake - did these people not prepare??? It's not like this was a sneak attack to vote..we've known about it since when? Like forever.

Sheesh people get your act together!

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