Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget

i'm glad today is cloudy and a bit subdued.  It matches my mood.  One of somber reflection and even a few tearsi'm glad that it's been seven years since the first 9/11 and not just seven days.  i'm grateful, still, for those in Flight 93.  Because of their true bravery, they saved multiple lives - whilst giving up their own.  "Greater love has no man than this, to lay one's life down for his friend"  That was an act of true love.  Bravery. Courage. Patriotism.  i still cry, even this morning, when i think of them - a small band of Americans determined that not another plane would take out a building, knowing that they might not emerge alive from their endeavors, but striving for the greater good all the same.  It's that kind of thinking that made this country great in the beginning - when a group of people and Congress decided that we needed to be a free and independent nation.  The cost was huge, and high and yet the outcome was for the greater good.  So maybe some of my tears, while in mourning and remembrance for those brave men and women of Flight 93, it's also with some semblance of pride and patriotism that i cry - thankful for yet another reminder of this country's roots...and humbling me to live my life so that their's doesn't seem wasted.

There is almost too much to remember - fire fighters and police and other rescue workers going into burning buildings(both in NY and DC) with the sole desire to rescue and help and many of them not making it back out alive.  That kind of dedication, love and selflessness is astounding to me and if i compare myself to them - i come up short.  However, i want to remember, not to put myself down-nor place them as high as God, but rather - again - to help me live my life in such a way that theirs doesn't seem wasted.

i don't always do that well.  i sometimes get impatient and say things or respond to emails in a way that really isn't the best.  And though i realize that is human nature, it's not the way i wish to live.  So today, the day of remembrance, i make another fresh start.  Taking the hurt and emotion of what today meant, and putting it into my life to make me a better person, so that in turn, i can help others, love unconditionally and please God with my life.

So whether the Democrats or the Republicans or even a third party wins the election, whether oil and gas prices are crazy high or whatever may happen this next year, our nation still stands.  It is still a wonderful and very free place to live.  i love this country.  i will never forget the bravery, the love, the courage and the high example so many Americans left for us all seven years ago. 

God bless America - may we never forget.

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krtanthony said...

The Flight 93 story was amazing. They were aware of what was happening in NYC and figured their plane was on a similar mission, so they acted. Inspiring.