Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's just getting worse

i don't know what's wrong with me of late. i am in the Christmas spirit so much that's i'm annoying myself. i mean honestly! It's not even Thanksgiving and i already have all my Christmas cards ready to go. Is that obnoxious or what?

Each day brings a new idea, a new crazy idea, to mind - the other day i was researching traditional Irish Christmas cakes and puddings so that i could make a few. i don't even know if i like the taste of Irish Christmas puddings. And yet...AND YET, i was thinking how i could make more than one so that we could enjoy them on Christmas Eve.

Today, it was buying the ornaments i'll need for our neighborhood Christmas party as well as some new candles and thinking about how to decorate my office suite.

i'm like the Christmas energizer bunny with no off switch.


Well Merry Christmas to one and all....


Taarzaan said...

That is so sweet! Go,Christmas Bunny! :)
Irish cuisine tends to be reliably yummy(slightly biased,here)so go for it! Traditional Christmas puddings should be made around Thanksgiving, as to have enough time to "cure".
(I have a recipe somewhere around here
if you'd like it)

Kurt said...

Me loves Christmas, but I don't allow myself to start celebrating until 1 week after TG.