Monday, December 1, 2008

How to make my day

When i lived in France, i would often go into Paris on my day off. i only lived 13 min by train away from the city so it was a trip i took often in my two years there. One night as i was taking the train from Paris back to Deuil-la-Barre i looked at the train on the next track and there was a dark haired man. Handsome business man, of course impeccably dressed sitting in the opposite direction so that we were 'face to face.'He was looking at me. i knew not to stare, so lowered my eyes but then glanced back up (it's the American in me, eh?)..he was still looking. i smiled..and looked away again. When i dared to glance back..he was still looking and then smiled at me. A real smile. Big, fun -one that made me laugh out loud. As my train pulled out - i waved. He blew me a kiss.

i often wonder about him. i hope his life is happy and full and that the smile i saw was a real reflection of the joy he felt inside.

i know it sure made my day!

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Kurt said...

French people are so nice. I like their fries.