Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sounds of July

i grew up in the mountains of this great Commonwealth which is Pennsylvania (oh no, my friends is it NOT a state....check it out.).  Living in and around the woods and very close to the Juniata River, brought it's own wonderful sounds and smells all through the year.  However, July seems to be the one,for me, that is the most pungent and noisy.  For instance, corn is very sweet smelling in those hot days of July, not to mention grass and tomatoe plants.  Flowers are in full bloom and willing to give off scents that make you stop and smell.  Everything seems sweeter.

And the noise!  Locust, frogs, crickets all chirping and making whatever noise they make,not to mention the birds and even my cats!   But it is the kind of noise that, like the ocean waves, is always 'there' in July-reminding one that life goes on.  Life, no matter what your problems or trials, has cycles and is steady and true. 

It's also a month that i love to go swimming and since the sun is shining and i don't have to work until 5pm, i'm gonna get a cup of a whoopie pie...and head on over to the pool.

Autumn is my favourite season, but i sure do like July!

Happy Summer!

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