Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting so close

i'm so close to just walking away from it all....finding a new direction for my life.

i scare myself when i get like this - because i did that once and was out of work for about four months....some of the best months of my life but kinda freaky when money started to run thin.

i just want more from life....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i found it!

Yesterday i was nosing around looking for a nice country/farm house/land, etc to purchase - to fulfill a dream of mine.

And i found the perfect house...i do mean the perfect house in France.

It was so perfect that it made me feel a little ill. It would be enough room to fulfill my dream and already had established gardens and the like.

Too bad i don't have the $700,000 to purchase it....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Go get him, already.

i've been refusing to get in touch with the news lately - mostly because i realize that almost everything i hear/read makes me incredibly angry.

So it's been nice for my blood pressure and attitude to stay away.

Until this morning....

...when i read/saw a bit about the GI whom the Taliban captured and is using as a pawn.

Angry isn't quite the word i'd use. Furious? Maybe. Is there something beyond furious?

i know without a shadow of a doubt that most, if not all, military personnel know and worry and might even have a plan for this man. my impatience comes that i want him rescued already...and to make the Taliban know that YOU DON'T CAPTURE AMERICANS WITHOUT RETALIATION. (see? there's the furious+1 showing it's head again). i'm going to take a deep breath, pray for all involved and be more thankful than ever for our military.

Monday, July 6, 2009

It was the summer of discontentment

To celebrate Independence Day, i had some extra time off from my job. i spent almost the entire weekend outside, much of it surrounded by gardens, water, and making jam and canning cherries. It was dirty, hot work but at one point in the weekend i realized that i was terribly happy.

And here it is Monday, and i'm back at my job - sitting at my desk, fought the traffic to get here...all freezing cold because the A/C is set so low and i realize, once again, that i so don't like this job. Don't get me wrong - i love the place i work - i love what they do - i love the vision of it..the mission, but i'm unhappy in being inside 8+ hours a day, stuck behind a desk doing things where i have no real talent.

But it pays the bills
But i feel like i'm wasting my life