Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Sickness and Health

Here is something i don't understand about Men (there are many things but this is a biggie).

They treat their job as their marriage. For instance, when a Man marries, He promises Himself in sickness and health to His lovely bride. That means that He will stick it out with her even when she is sick..and won't leave her in a lurch.

For some reason, something goes off in a Man's brain when He takes those vows and He immediately begins to think that those vows also apply to His job. His job, that beloved place that gives Him His identity, becomes His new blushing bride.

And in sickness, as in health, He refuses to abandon her. Problem is that He lovingly brings His germs to His place of employment and spreads them far and wide, creating an infirmary-like environment.

And then people, well let's just use me for an example, fall victim to those germs as they infest our sweet-not-so-committed-to-this-job-that-we'll-risk-life-and-limb-to-be-there bodies and we become ill.

Dude? Seriously? Stay the heck home and don't come back until you are well. That's why God created sick days.

And now i'm going to go sneeze and cough for a while.
Yay me.


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