Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Doesn't anybody ever listen?

Ok..This is not a political blog - not before not now.  But...

But..i just have to say this.

Today, i heard a clip of Mr. Obama in one of his many speeches say that (paraphrased by moi) we need to get out of Iraq responsibly and orderly/carefully and focus on Afghanistan now.

And i rolled my eyes because:

1. That is precisely what we're doing NOW

2. If folks would just listen to me every now and then and read they would know that we've BEEN doing that for months.  Wasn't it months ago that it was declared that the war had been all but won and that the Iraqi government was gaining ground and making good progress and that our troops were being moved from Iraq and the focus was now in Afghanistan? 

i am not right all of the time...and typically don't make a ruckus about stuff...but honestly!  Dude!  Seriously?  Get with the times. (and though i used Mr. Obama as an example, any other politician/side does the exact same thing) 

i really do hate politics.  It makes people look like complete idiots.




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