Thursday, January 18, 2007

Power of suggestion

Tonight, i helped a very handsome Man decide to buy Gucci's Rush for Men.

i think he knew i really liked it when i said, in a very sultry voice, "Oh that one!"

i hope he comes back so i can smell him.

(i might need a ciggarette and some chocolate afterwards too!)


::naughty grin:::



[that Maude!]

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Have to dance with the Prince

my three-year old niece is a total 'girlie girl'..and very creative as well.

Recently, she was told that it was time to take a nap but she replied to her mother that she couldn't take a nap because she needed to wash her hair so that she could go dancing with the Prince.


Almost three.

i think that's a very creative way to get out of nap time and apparently so did her mother, because E was allowed to skip nap time and take a bath and wash her hair.

Sometimes, just sometimes we women need to take time out to get ready to dance with the Prince. 

Even if we're only almost three yrs old.

(i wonder if it's too early to start her wearing heels???)

What are you wearing?

So...i've smelled some men's cologne over the past few days and found one that goes right to some deep part of me and makes me rather, uh...primal.  Puts me on the prowl so to speak.  Gucci's Rush for Men.  OH. MY. WORD.  RRrrrrrrooowwwwlllll!

Please dear god let more men wear that scent!!!

Or not - they might not want a complete stranger coming up to them and 'smelling' them in the middle of the mall or such!  HA...


Ps.smelling is code word for "tackling them to the ground and having my way"


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Reflections from the Holidays

So many good things happened during the holiday season - here is a small glimpse of our family fun....


~Two year old niece, Emma, correcting me that it was 'pull-up' and not 'pull-ups' (because clearly, Auntie, she only had ONE pull-up on)
~Christmas Eve:
    - Bethany and Brianna singing a beautiful rendition of O Holy Night
    -Step In Time (Same 2 yr old niece dancing in the kitchen)
    -Shallon Kicking up her heels during Step in Time
    -Shallon doing the cheerleader pose at the end of prayer (and Dad's face when he saw it!)
    - Warm PJ's that all matched (Three month old niece, Kiera, little ones and how adorable and snuggly she was)
    -Pop-Pop and Em(niece) eating a pound of shrimp before we even sat down to eat
~Christmas Day:
    - Paper everywhere
    - Happy faces and good presents
    - B's face when i said i was buying underwear for the entire family.
    - Just being together - good laughter
    - Missing L and J!!! (Sister and brother in law)
    - Aunt C's good food and the Football game
    - Emma saying "Say 'wear it' Mom" during the grab bag
    - Pop-Pop wearing the tiara for at least an hour during the grab bag
    - Emma and Regan running and screaming and laughing
    - Did i mention the football game?
~After Christmas:
    - Emma clearing her throat and wearing the big 'bosom' poncho while singing, making us all laugh
   - Kiera's snuggly self, the smell of her baby head, her sweet smiles
   - Emma curled up with Pop-Pop on his chair watching TV
   - Emma.
   - Having B and S around - was SO nice!!!! (Brother and sister in law)
   - Packing to go be with Lynne and Jim
   - Spending the 'last night' in the house they built
   - Moving....enough said
   - Spending four hours in L's walk-in closet
   - The peace of havingthe Master Bedroom/Bath cleaned and organized and smelling clean
   - L and her 'black lung'
   - Stripping wallpaper
   - Forgetting what day it was and having paint in my hair
   - Stripping wallpaper
   - L/Js 10,000 lb bedroom furniture
   - Being able to watch part of the Eagles game by the pool (while everyone else was in the house working!)
   - Listening to J drilling something at 3am
   - Stripping wallpaper
   - Calling Dad while lounging in the pool
   - Stripping wallpaper
   - Warm weather in the middle of December
   - A great pilot who landed in the fog
   - Did i mention stripping off wall-paper???