Monday, September 29, 2008


i've never been a good one at waiting for bad things to happen.  i'd rather they just happen and then i can begin to pick up the pieces, start over, rebuild, recook, whatever...

So today the stock market is a wreck, everything seems to be in a slow motion of collaspe...and i just want it to happen already.  Either recover quickly and let's get back to living, or collaspe and let's start over.  i'm not looking forward to the hard, hard times a collaspe would bring, but it would give me a plan...a goal to reach for...something to do other than worry.

It's kinda like watching the Philadelphia Eagles shoot themselves in the foot last night and just wanting it to be done already......But on a much, much grander scale.

So whatever is to be, whether we all are ok and business and life resumes as we know it - or we're all living together in one house...or in tents in each other's backyard...let's get on with it. 

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