Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Thanksgiving

Even though i've blathered on and on about my love of Christmas this year - and truly i feel like a child and am just so happy for this Holiday Season- my favourite holiday, by far, is Thanksgiving. i love it because it's not about buying things or having the right decorations or any of the other crazy stuff that goes on for Christmas. It's a holiday that, although will be shared with about 40 of my relatives and will be noisy and crazy, is a more subdued holiday - it's more about the basics.

Know what i mean?

It's a holiday to take time to reflect on the past year and all that one can be thankful for. So here's a small list from me - my Thanksigiving List

1. I am thankful that i live in America
2. I am thankful that i have two jobs
3. I am thankful that i can work two jobs - have the strength and health to do so
4. i am thankful for my family
5. i am thankful for those in my life, whether near or far, who have invested time into my life
6. i am thankful for friends
7. i am thankful that i have food in my cupboard and warm blankets on my bed.
8. i am thankful for my cats
9. i am thankful for freedom
10. i am thankful - so very grateful- for our Military Personnel...i don't have the right words to express this. Their sacrifice....
11. i am thankful for hard times in my life, for it's in those times that i realize the true woman i am, realize my reliance on an Almighty God and realize how much i have. It's coming out of those hard times that i see how blessed my life has been...i didn't say easy, i said blessed.

This is a very short and totally incomplete list..but it's something i wished to say today. i'm so glad to be able to be with my family tomorrow - we go to my cousin's house...all 40 or more of us and the food will be amazing, the laughter loud and long, the fellowship sweet and hopefully...if all goes well, the Eagles will win.

If not...if not..well then we always have the Phillies World Championship to fall back on and i have to say, that day and the day of the Parade is STILL a good thing with me and i'm thankful to have been able to go down there and stand on Broad and Dickson and scream and yell and laugh and just have a great time (plus Jamie Moyer WAVED at me! i mean common...that's pretty sweet!)

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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