Monday, May 19, 2008

Wondering about Spring...

So given that everyone jumped on the Global Warming bandwagon, i assumed that this spring would be hot giving way to an even hotter summer.  We've had summers like that before - where by early May the temperature is in the 80's and then it just gets worse until about mid-October.  And that's what i was the whole Global Warming bit.

So would someone please explain to me why i'm sitting in my house, with a fleece on and a space heater running?  Why when you are outside past oh..say, noon, you have to wear a jacket and why, for all the Global Warming, is the rain that falls not so much a warm gentle May rain, but more like late March early April?

One would think this could be explained..

Um..but probably not by spouting off  "Global Warming" crap, erm.. i meant to say theories.  Yes! Theories..uh huh..that's what i meant to say

Now...where's that hot tea i was brewing - i might soak my feet in it just to bring them back to warmth.



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krtanthony said...

I think the temperature worldwide has only risen one degree, but the warming is causing more extremes of weather of all kinds - hot, cold, storms, etc.