Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mrs. Klausenjausen

Hello, i'd like to introduce Mrs. Klausenjausen to you.

She has been called, by her one of her younger sisters, "The Christmas Nazi" but she didn't like that too much and since she wasn't the real Mrs. Klaus, she assumed the name, Mrs. Klausenjausn. she is so excited about Christmas this year that she began to celebrate it over a month ago and again fell in 'love' with her tree when she plugged it in very early this morning (after slipping on the ice as she took her trash to the curb in her pink fuzzy slippers!)

she also has been working way too hard at her various jobs and decided that she was not going to the 2nd job tonight for, you see, Mrs. Klausenjausen is rather stubborn and made up her mind and that's that. No use begging her to go to work, it won't happen. AND she might call-off on the 26th too just because she might...

But back to the spirit of Christmas and the Klausenjausen tradition. There are games to be played and food to be ett. There are nieces, sweet wonderful nieces, to be tickled and to share colouring books and funny stories (Emma the younger told me..erm Mrs. Klausenjausen last night that she spent the entire day in her pajamas! ..and then giggled because it was funny that she never got dressed for the day). There are memories to make and share and laughter to be had and Mrs. Klausenjausen has decided that although she does like her 2nd job and she does need the income from the 2nd job, that she just isn't going to go. Too bad...deal puppy and that's that!

And in case Mrs. Klausenjausen can't blog between today and Christmas day, she wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas. she hopes it it filled with peace, joy and happiness and that everyone takes time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and to realize what a wonderous gift we have been given.

Life is so wonderful and precious - celebrate it wildly this season (but please, no drinking and driving!) and by all means, have at least one pajama day!

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Kurt said...

But I don't wear pajamas.