Saturday, August 30, 2008

There's a cow in my house and her name is Betsy

This past week has been a very stressful and highenergy one for me.  Stressful in the 'if i don't do well, my Boss will catch it' kind and high energy as in...non-stop work for days on end. Lack of sleep and early mornings/late nights left me rather ragged last night.  So i plumped up all my pillows and grabbed a late supper whilst paging through the Fall edition of Vogue (personal opinion? Last fall's edition was better..but still was a nice 798 pages).

Then finally went to bed.  i've been known to have very strange dreams, not scary ones - i wake myself during those-but the kind that make ya wonder how on earth my brain thought of that.  Last night or early this morning was no exception.

What i remember of the dream was that i bought a cow..a small black/white and named her Betsy.  she lived on my third floor but was really only there for sleeping as she was either in the living room with me or out back eating.  she loved corn kernels in mayo and anytime she misbehaved, i just bribed her with that.

Then the 'scene' switches to a farm where i am attempting to teach Betsy how to drive a tractor and my brother tells me to never mind, he'll just put her in the front seat of his car.

This is a cow..not a cartoon cow but a real looking cow.  she just was very flexible i guess because she was able to sit in his car...which was some 1950's red/white thing with huge fenders and was all tricked out. 

That kinda went on for a while and there was a russian family involved and i was going somewhere and ext ect and just all crazy stuff...and then what woke me was that a friend of mine washed Betsy and did her hair AT A BEAUTY SALON and rolled the hair on the top of her head in rollers to make her look pretty.

And i woke up howling in laughter...eyes closed,not truly awake but as my mind went back over the dream i realized how silly it was and laughed harder.  Out loud laughter.

i went back to sleep and dreamt more - but Betsy was never far from me.

i really loved that cow.

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imcaryssister said...

you need a vacation emma!!