Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quiet moments

Right now, i'm watching South Africa play Uruguay in the World Cup. my sweet little niece is sleeping on my brother's bed, my brother is softly snoring in the lazy boy, my mother is gardening, my sister (the baby's mother) is chatting on the computer, my dad just got home from work and is going through the mail and my littlest brother is just hanging out. It's a dark day and my sister, niece and i decided to come over to the folks' house for a bit....

It's a welcoming thing - this quietness. Almost a protective feeling in their house....

i love moments like this - i love my family and today i truly love that i can spend time with them. Blessed.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i should have been a librarian

i'm reading everything in sight these days. i bought three books last week - all around 500 pages - the first one was read in less than 24 hours. ...the second one was started last night. It's an addiction, i tell you. The need to read. HA!

i think this love started when i was very young - both parents love to read - i was read to alot - didn't have a TV when i was from ages 8-16yrs and spent ALOT of time at the local library. Thought i was a big shot when i went from reading downstairs in the kids sections to upstairs in the young teens section. i still think i'm a big shot - i guess. AND i need another bookshelf.

Greedy and vain, i am.

And i'd love to discuss this further, but i have to go finish that book.