Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dude, Seriously...

What's with all the sneezing and coughing and stuffy nose bit?  Huh?  i've not had this much trouble with allergies since i was about 18 (just two years ago..cough cough).  But for the past week, i've been a regular sneeze machine.  Isn't that a lovely image?  Yeah...that's what i thought.

And the other thing is:  i have been working three jobs(one full time and two part-time) for years.  It's grueling.  For the past three weeks, i've only worked the full time and one part time and ya know what?  i feel human.  i mean really human.  i had time last night after cleaning the house and some other chores to just enjoy the evening.  i was able to talk with neighbors and read a bit and even garden and just putz around the house enjoying the house.  Wow.  Do you think real people do that all the time?  Amazing.  If this trend keeps up, i might feel fully human by the end of summer.

The only thing is the job i've not been doing for the past couple of weeks is being the choir director at my church and let me tell you, that's a hard one for me to let go.  i enjoy the music, i love the people and it's just a fun job.  i've been doing it for about seven years and just feel burnt out..need to be rejuvenated and refreshed.  So i'm pretty sure that i won't be doing it this coming Fall...which is a bit sad for me, but if feeling human and having some time off to enjoy and live life is the 'cost'...well, so be it.

So YAY for summer and a time to relax a bit more.  Yay for gardening and clean houses and a few evenings free.

And double YAY for Bath and Body Works Lavendar Vanilla bath salts.


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