Monday, June 23, 2008

Ahh..the Elegant Facial

Leaving the massage bed and room was not an easy task as my vision was a bit blurred and i felt a little bit like i was in left field.  Thankfully the Canyon Ranch Spa has providers who know what they are doing and so Kris was waiting for me and guided me to Sara who was to give me what was called the Elegant Facial. 

As i settled into that warm bed and adjusted the covers over me, Sara pushed some buttons so that my body was completely cradled. Then she put a very bright light on my face to have a 'good look' at my pores and to check for sun damage or other problems.  i am happy to report that my face is free from any signs of skin cancer and also that the sun damage is not very much.  This is a good thing because when i was a child, i was not as careful as i should've been (think baby oil and iodine!)

Then began more pampering and cleansing and toning and exfoliating and more steam and massage to my head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet.  i was truly amazed at the care and time these ladies took with me and how they explained things, all the while putting one completely at ease and making the entire process very relaxing and enjoyable.  Sara used products on me that when she was done, left my face feeling very soft and smooth.  And very, very clean.  And very relaxed and just remembering it makes me feel all warm and relaxed.

i must say, too, that to date, my skin looks amazing.  i purchased some of the products that Sara used and have been usuing those and i do see a difference.  Plus i was in the sun and now my face is spattered with freckles.

So maybe the freckles aren't so amazing or elegant but the time at the spa was more than i could ever have imagined.

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