Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dream Weaver and an off-handed compliment

Apparently the weird dreams continued to last night as i raced, again with my brother, in a go-cart in his neighborhood in Florida, while he was running his modified race car so to keep the engine warm between races.  yeah...weird...also something was in that about breast implants(for me..) but i didn't like the dr...makes me really look forward to tonight and the 'movie' that will play in my dreams.

And then today, at my second job...the retail one, a young man named Rico said to me....

"Are you married?"

i replied i was not.

He then said, "Well, you are really beautiful and I just wanted to tell you that."

He then paused, i was ringing his purchases..and then he said,

"Is there any kind of discount i could get for that?"

i laughed and said "For what? telling me i'm pretty...for being nice and you want a discount?"




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