Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little slice of Heaven, even on Friday the 13th

i've just returned from vacation- quite a lovely one to be sure.  As part of a belated birthday gift, my sister planned and paid for me to have a day at the spa.  Not just any spa but a very nice, rather posh one.  i picked three services to have : body massage, elegance facial and a manicure.

i was to meet her there,as my appointment started 1/2 hour before hers so i dressed in a cute red/white skirt and blouse with absolutely gorgeous shoes and matching bag. i felt pretty relaxed on the way to the spa until i realized that due to some dental convention, i had to park three miles away and a bus would then take me to the spa.  A bus!  i was a bit put out by it all but it couldn't be helped, so i boarded the stupid bus and fumed (and sweated...yeah...gross) the who three miles. 

Arriving a bit late for my appointment, i hurried to the women's locker room and proceeded to undress and put on a robe.  Already hot because of the hike from where the bus dropped me to the spa, the thick but luscious robe felt like a heavy mink coat and i was sure to pass out.

But then, i met Kris who was to give me my massage. She totally put me at ease as she led me to the darkened room where i would give myself and all my tight muscles to her wonderful, capable hands.


Tomorrow:  God-sent Hands....Kris

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