Friday, December 8, 2006

Butt head?

What is it about underwear and the word 'butt' that can make a three year old boy go into gales of laughter?  Or when his dad tells him if he puts his underwear on his head then he'll be a 'butt-head' and the child giggles and giggles?

And why, since i'm on the subject, do boys grow into Men but never out of laughing at such things?

Believe me, when you're three, it's adorable. When you're 103 it's adorable.  Anything inbetween?

Not so much.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Reading list

In the new year, i've determined to read classics (with an occasional 'fun' read now and then). i've got the list, i'm searching for the books and i'm already overwhelmed!  How am i ever going to get through this huge list?  Why am i doing this? How will i fit it into my already crazy schedule?  uh...not sure...but..

So it's a goal... a New Year's goal.  i have others  -some that i've been planning throughout this year, some that are a continuation of 2006..

i like to plan new things for new years.  Not really resolutions, more like a continuation of becoming the person i wish to be.  And so for 2007, i want to read my 100+ classics and see how they change me or not.

However, bookcase space WILL be a problem.  Maybe a goal for the new year is to find a hunky carpentar to build some new ones for me.

Hmmmm......Now THAT'S an incentive to read, no?

Monday, December 4, 2006

Nice and cold

This morning dipped down to a nice and brisk 31F.  When i stepped out of my cozy home, the cold air hit me with a rush and i breathed deeply.  The frigid air made me feel more alive,awake and ready to tackle all that this day has in store for me.  All we need to make it complete is some snow - but that's a long way off for us on the east coast, i'm afraid.

This Christmas my sweet little neices will be coming from sunny Florida to visit.  The older (the one with whom i splashed in puddles) has been praying every night since July that we'll have snow for Christmas.  i'm thinking we should be prepared for a blizzard!  LOL

i sure do enjoy this time of year...nice and cold.