Wednesday, March 26, 2008

emmasirish vs. THE TREADMILL, part II

Ok, we are a week removed from the first day on THE TREADMILL and ya know what?  It's slowly becoming THE TREADMIll...yes, that's's losing it's super powers over me.  i am slowly but surely conquering that thing.  HA HA THE TREADMIll...guess what?   i'm winning.

You see, i've gone to the gym a total of six times - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday Saturday of last week and, Tuesday, Wednesday of this week thus far.  i noticed on Saturday that though it was still hard, by no means was i defeated and i felt very good afterwards.  Same thing today. 

Yeah i still have a long way to go and i'm sure that THE TREADMIll will try to grasp onto my plump little legs and hold me down, stuffing Oreos and chocolate cake into my mouth, but i won't succumb to it's evil ways!  Nope...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

emmasirish vs. THE TREADMILL

So to promote a more healthier me, i've started going to the gym.  Today was Day #2. When the alarm started beeping at 4.45am, i groaned and tried to shut it off but realized that i was hitting the book on my bedside table and not the alarm.  Finally, when my brain woke a bit, i rolled (literally) out of bed, stumbled to the bathroom and then put on my workout clothes all without opening my eyes.  Thankfully i gathered all the necessary items for 'after the workout' the night before, which made my stumbling around a bit easier.

Typicially, i leave my bedroom door closed for the day, because i keep the window open and don't wish to cool down the entire rest of the house.  my cat, Moses, was snuggled at the bottom of the bed and when i said to him "ok, Mose, time to go" he protested.  Seriously.  His meow sounded like a little kid whining and i understood exactly how he felt.

It didn't help that today was cold and rainy and thus doubly hard to get out of bed and get going, but i did...made it all the way to the gym and picked THE TREADMILL that was to become my torture.

Because i'm only on Day #2 of the new me, i started out slow...only doing 45 min and not at a terribly fast past...steady, not slow, but i know i can walk faster.  After 20 min (which i believe i spent that first 20 min glaring at THE TREADMILL, my feet, other people at the gym and the TV), i sorta hit a groove and whewwee it felt good.  Go girl go!  i was walking with attitude, sweating and increasing both speed and the tilt of the treadmill. Girl, i was feeling gooood!  And for the next 25 min, though THE TREADMILL tried, i beat it and did it with great panache!

However, THE TREADMILL is a crafty devil and will get you when you least expect it.

Like when you're all finished, have showered and dressed for the day and then have to sit in the car for your almost hour commute.  Then try to stand and get out of your car. Yeah, go ahead.  i dare you. 

'Cause then it beats you big time.  All your muscles have stiffened up and gathered together to discuss the new tortureroutine you're putting them through.  i think they were having a convention and forgot that when the brain says, "Stand", that they are needed. So you try to walk and realize that you have jelly for legs.  How attractive is that?  Yeah, not so much


i will beat THE TREADMILL

Just um..not today!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Seriously? Sick again?

Flu, cold, go away

Come again some other day

Or not!

Friday, March 14, 2008

What if...

Have you ever spent a few minutes thinking 'what if' and then seeing how you'd answer?

Perhaps "what if there is no more oil, could i survive?" or "what if the price of flour is too dear to buy bread, could i make my own?  Could i learn to grind my own wheat berries?"

"What if the farmers in my area can't produce enough to supply me with locally grown food, could i grow my own?" 

These things, to me, aren't a doom and gloom philosophy but a real look at what is happening in our economy.  Can you be self-sufficient?  Can i?

Well, for me, living in the city - some of the answers to my 'What ifs' are a bit dreary and then i long for the country, living on my own land, growing alot of my food, eating meat from animals in the local area, if not my own, being very resourceful of this earth, without being a tree hugger.  i've not yet figured out how to answer all the what ifs while living where i am, currently, but i am going to try to make some changes and see how it goes. 

It's like an adventure, seeing how much you can do yourself, while still enjoying a relatively good quality of life and not turning completely 'plain.' (those from PA will understand that).

i'm not terribly good at baking bread, my mother is but i somehow missed a step in getting your loaves to turn out completely wonderful...but it's a small start..and buying the flour ground at a local mill from the wheat from local farms, instead of bread made from flour imported from Russia.  (not that i have anything against Russia and i'm sure that not only is their flour great, but exporting to the US has got to help their farmers, but i'd rather eat more local things..)

So here goes...a new adventure in the life of emmasirish.

i'll keep you posted.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Today is Sunday - dawned bright and cold but the sun shone bravely in my part of the world so that made the cold do-able.

A week ago today, i got the flu.  Also a week ago today, my car was recovered.  So a good plus a bad equal themselves to 0.  Not a bad way to start the week, eh?  Although the stress of the car being stolen ,then recoevered,the had to pay toooo much to get it back, then not sleeping because i was afraid it would be stolen again..then the fever for two days and the coughing and...

So it wasn't a great week.  Missed work, missed choir practice but sure got to watch a lot of movies and sleep.  i was actually going stir crazy but was too achey to go anywhere or do anything.

But today?  Today is Sunday.  The beginning of a new week.  A new week that hold promises yet uncovered.  A new week that will have it's own stressors, i'm sure.  i'm on the road to recovery (although my voice sounds like a teenaged boy in minutes high and squeaky, one minute low like a Man''s quite odd), no fever, coughing has lessened and the aches are almost gone. AND i have a car.

So..with that in mind, i'm gonna enjoy the rest of my Sunday and then hit the road running on Monday.

Here's hoping we all have a really good week.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

When all you can do is watch movies...

1.  The Quiet Man - love it

2. Master and Commander: Far Side of the World - love it x2

3. American  Gangster - good movie

4.  Becoming Jane - love it x2

5. Love Comes Softly - book was better but not bad

6. 3.10 to Yuma - can you see a Russell Crowe theme here?  Not a bad movie - a bit slow in spots but...

Yet to watch:

Wuthering Heights

Becoming Jane (again)

We're Not Married


i'm getting a wee bit tired of this flu thing and will be glad when it's all over.  Though to add something new into the mix, i've started sneezing - so that's a new twist to an old tale.

And now....a nap!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Life rambles

~ not again, part II.  As for the last time my car was stolen, so this time it was found.  Almost completely undamaged.  Hardly any gas used.  Only a few things stolen.  It is puzzling to me, to be sure, but i am thankful that i got it back.

~i have the flu.  i've not had it for about eight years and that fact that i can sit up today after really only one and one-half days of fever and aches is tremendous.  i hope to keep recovering and will only be too glad to see at least eight years go by without another round of the flu.

~ Even though it's been eight years i am a big baby when it comes to being sick.  i slept all day yesterday but when i was awake, i really was whiney...big baby!  sheesh

~ When one's baseline temp is normally 97.3F a fever of 102F is a whopping big deal and one's mind tends to become delirious.

~ when one is delirious one figures out how to save the economy and also some good ways that the settlers could've used to save their wagons when they went West...yes, all in the same dream/hallucination.  One also tends to think the cat is talking  - until one realizes that it was just someone outside.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Not again!!!!

Almost two years to the date - if you care to check back it was 2/27/06- my car has been stolen again.  Same car - not parked in the same spot but not that far from my house.

i so didn't need this.