Monday, August 4, 2008

Early Morning Quiet

Last night we had a rare and much loved 59 degree weather.  i slept so well - cannot even tell you how good it was.  And this morning, i was up early, watered the garden, cleaned the birdbath, had my coffee and puttered around getting ready for work.  Quite a lovely way to start the week.

i love early mornings.  i love the quiet and slowly turns to noisey as the world wakes up.  Even though i live in a city, it's not a major one and i love in the historic district and it's quite nice in the morning.  Kids are still sleeping. Trash trucks not yet started, just a few people up and moving about. 

It set the tone for the rest of my day, that early morning time in the garden.  There was one lone honey bee desperate for the pollen from a morning glory.  In fact, his insistence of retrieveing that delectable bits were quite amusing to watch.  He could not get his head in far enough and his little back legs were scrambling against the petals to push him in further.  i wish i would've had my camera out there with me.

Then the sun peaked over Mt.Penn and i knew it was time to put the 'get ready for work' plan into action.

Happy Monday!

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