Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside

And i'm totally in the Christmas spirit.

i've already planned how i can 'borrow' the neighbors outdoor decorations for my own (they never tire of that trick! HA HA HA) as well as laid out a baking schedule (do you know that if you warm up store bought cookies and add a sprinkling of powdered sugar everyone will think you made them? HAHHAHAHAHA) and not only that but all the presents i got last year that i didn't like, i'm going to recycle (just have to make sure that i don't give them to the ones who gave them to me - happened last year and boy! things were awkward for a while - not sure granny was ready for that bra/pantie set and everything was fine until her false teeth fell out - then...not so funny. That Granny! Not a good sense of humor (she's German - what can we say?)


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