Monday, June 23, 2008

Ahh..the Elegant Facial

Leaving the massage bed and room was not an easy task as my vision was a bit blurred and i felt a little bit like i was in left field.  Thankfully the Canyon Ranch Spa has providers who know what they are doing and so Kris was waiting for me and guided me to Sara who was to give me what was called the Elegant Facial. 

As i settled into that warm bed and adjusted the covers over me, Sara pushed some buttons so that my body was completely cradled. Then she put a very bright light on my face to have a 'good look' at my pores and to check for sun damage or other problems.  i am happy to report that my face is free from any signs of skin cancer and also that the sun damage is not very much.  This is a good thing because when i was a child, i was not as careful as i should've been (think baby oil and iodine!)

Then began more pampering and cleansing and toning and exfoliating and more steam and massage to my head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet.  i was truly amazed at the care and time these ladies took with me and how they explained things, all the while putting one completely at ease and making the entire process very relaxing and enjoyable.  Sara used products on me that when she was done, left my face feeling very soft and smooth.  And very, very clean.  And very relaxed and just remembering it makes me feel all warm and relaxed.

i must say, too, that to date, my skin looks amazing.  i purchased some of the products that Sara used and have been usuing those and i do see a difference.  Plus i was in the sun and now my face is spattered with freckles.

So maybe the freckles aren't so amazing or elegant but the time at the spa was more than i could ever have imagined.

Friday, June 20, 2008

God-Sent Hands

Kris informed me that i was to remove my robe and lie, face down, on the massage table and put the sheet over me.  She exited the room and gave me a few minutes to get situated.  i was hot, my heart was pounding hard and i was a bit uncomfortable but still, glad to be there at the spa.  She knocked softly and came back in and then rearranged the sheet and asked me if i was too hot or cold.  i said 'a bit too hot' and so she turned off the heated bed and folded the sheet down to my hips. "Ahh..that's better." i said my words muffled because i was face down and in a donut shaped thing-y.

i sighed deeply and Kris remarked that the sound was good to hear.  She told me to just relax, i was there and all would be well.  The lights were very dim, the room cool and there was soft music playing. i was by now very comfortable.

She then stood by my head and ran her oiled hands down my back to my hips, adding pressure as she descended.  i groaned in sheer pleasure.  Not a sexual kind of pleasure but just relief of feeling the tension and stress already going from my body.  And folks, it only got better from there.  For 50 minutes, i was at her mercy, She poked and prodded and worked knots out of my neck and shoulders. She took her forearm and pressed that against the length of my legs, she used her hands on my feet that make me weak.  As time went on, i could feel myself almost floating, totally relaxed, warm, happy, very, very quiet.  At the beginning, i kept telling myself to just 'let go...let it all go' and at one point i almost cried (learning later that as the massage releases toxins from your muscles, emoting is a very common occurrence).  i recited Scripture and thanked God for the gift of the massage and then i just concentrated on her hands.  i don't remember that she was a very strong looking person - shorter than i - but oh! those hands.  Warm and soft and able to help me relax.  She also did something that was comforting - when she was done with one arm or leg and going to the other, she never took her hand from me.  That kept me relaxed as i knew where she was and was a comforting, almost motherly feeling of 'all is well..just stay still..i'm still here' kinda of feeling.  i just called it DIVINE.

Before i flipped over to my back so she could massage my face, head, arms, shoulder, legs and feet, Kris asked me quietly if i was ok.  i could only nods my head and sorta grunt...i was out of it.  Wonderful, wonderful feeling.

i later learned from another specialist that for a first-time massage, Kris was the best one to have.


Tomorrow: the Elegant Facial

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little slice of Heaven, even on Friday the 13th

i've just returned from vacation- quite a lovely one to be sure.  As part of a belated birthday gift, my sister planned and paid for me to have a day at the spa.  Not just any spa but a very nice, rather posh one.  i picked three services to have : body massage, elegance facial and a manicure.

i was to meet her there,as my appointment started 1/2 hour before hers so i dressed in a cute red/white skirt and blouse with absolutely gorgeous shoes and matching bag. i felt pretty relaxed on the way to the spa until i realized that due to some dental convention, i had to park three miles away and a bus would then take me to the spa.  A bus!  i was a bit put out by it all but it couldn't be helped, so i boarded the stupid bus and fumed (and sweated...yeah...gross) the who three miles. 

Arriving a bit late for my appointment, i hurried to the women's locker room and proceeded to undress and put on a robe.  Already hot because of the hike from where the bus dropped me to the spa, the thick but luscious robe felt like a heavy mink coat and i was sure to pass out.

But then, i met Kris who was to give me my massage. She totally put me at ease as she led me to the darkened room where i would give myself and all my tight muscles to her wonderful, capable hands.


Tomorrow:  God-sent Hands....Kris

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Common, Mr. E

Dear Mr. E,

Today you have the nerve to use the Elliptical that i had just gotten off of - and i was struggling today, really struggling.  In fact, Mr. E, i only did 20 min because i just wasn't having a good workout day.

And!  you could've really gotten to the gym about 15 min earlier and been on the machine next to me and helped a sister out.  But no! No, you only thought about yourself and the fact that you do about 7+ mph and no one else even is close to that at that time in the morning and and...

And..well..just know that next time?  Yeah, next time you come to the gym and dare to not help me by setting a good example?  Well..i just might spill my water on you! ha!




And in other news:

Want to hire:  A Marine Drill Sgt for MWF @ 5am at my gym

Reason: To yell at me and make me stay on the machine and not give up

Salary:  Sheer joy in yelling at me @ 5 am on MWF




Sunday, June 1, 2008

What a day!

It's Sunday and in my part of Pennsylvania it is a perfect kind of day.  Warm sunshine, nice breezes and no humidity.  Perfect.

So i think i'll get off the computer and go enjoy it.

Happy Sunday!