Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Land of the Free. Home of the Brave.

Today is Veteran's Day and on the way to work i was reflecting the fact that this country, though far from perfect, is so great and amazing. i love this country. i love freedom. i am so grateful - a gratefullness that surpasses words-that men and women gave their lives to continue the freedom that was declared way back in the beginning of the birth of this nation.

Since then, as we all know, many battles and wars have been fought. All of them painful, all of them took their toll but all of them have proven that we truly do hold freedom very dear and will go to great lengths to preserve it - even to helping other countries find their own freedom.

So i thank you. Those of you who have fought, or served our nation. Those of you who are family members who don't sleep well because your loved one is currently overseas. Those of you who put yourself at risk so that i can be free.

We are still the land of the free
and there is no doubt that we are the
Home of the Brave.

Thank you.

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jon said...

I am amazed when I read or watch accounts of different battles through out our history. Our service men who have fought for this country are made of something different than I. I am quite sure I do not have the courage that these men had. I seriouslly beleave (and it troubles me) that I would be rendered completely useless by terror.

I stand in awe of their courage.