Monday, August 4, 2008

Let's Analyze This Face...


To be honest, i was looking for the picture that AOL has on their news feed right now.  Because i wanted to look at THE FACE and see what it is about him...about Mr. Clooney that makes him so handsome.

1.  The smile lines.  Guys, do you have ANY idea how sexy it is to see, by the smile lines close to your eyes, that being quick to smile and laugh is totally hot.

2.  Brown eyes. 

3. This picture doesn't show it - but the gray hair is also hot.  Guys fuss about going gray or bald, but sheesh - don't.  It's sexy..shows that you are maturing (you know my saying: Men aren't truly sexy until they are about 45 yrs old) and seriously, bald men ..just well..something about that always catches my eye...and NO it's not the glare...oops! Did i just say that out loud?   

4. In all the pictures i saw, he portrays confidence.  Confidence and that he enjoys being in his body - in his skin.  That is also incredibly WOWZA.  i like Men with confidence - which, by the way, is not arrogance.  Arrogance wears on ya like a dripping faucet..confidence allows those around you to relax and enjoy themselves because they aren't afraid of offending or of your fragile ego (which i know you have..just don't be a whiney baby about it)


and that's my story...i like Mr. Clooney's face.  i have NO idea what his personality is or if he is even a likable guy - i just like his face.  Notice i did not say fantasize...just like.


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