Monday, September 22, 2008

A letter to the Quarterback

Dear Mr. McNabb,

It was a fairly exciting game last evening - espeically on the part of the Eagles defense.  They played amazingly well, tough and never gave up - even to the very end.  Poor Steelers' quarterback, Mr.Rothernslernslebwergerseer (or however you spell his name) spent more time on the ground than he did his own two feet.  It was quite lovely.  B.Dawk (one of my personal favourites) was amazing...and Stewart Bradley was just plain hot...only to name two.

But this letter concerns you.  You, our starting quarterback, who - last Monday - showed that your 'old' form is back and that you will run and do all kinds of things to try to win (we won't talk about the give it, take it give it..that we've been making fun of all week).  But then we noticed that The Kid was ready to come in and everyone was saying (everyone was my Dad and me)..."Where's McNabb?  Where's McNabb?"  We were confused.  THEN we found out that you were in the locker room and ugh..we didn't feel so well.  But THEN you were back ,and wincing and everything and then back in the game.

So here's what i want to say.

Mr. McNabb:  When you broke your foot, you continued to play.  We expect that kind of commitment even now.  So even if you have a chest contusion and your right should is hannging by a mere tendon, get yourself back in the game and play.  It doesn't matter if blood is spurting out - it's only a flesh wound and you are not to stop playing for any reason.  Dude, seriously, even if you are semi-conscious?  Play on. 

We know you can do it.  We expect nothing else. 

We are true, never die, love ya one minute and boo you the next, Philadelphia fans.

E A G L E S!

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