Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So much to say, so little time...

There are multiple posts floating around in my brain but i've not had a minute to sit down and compose anything worth reading.

First on the list, the Phillies are again in the World Series. If you are not a Phillies baseball fan you have NO idea the absolute joy this brings. It's fun. It's nerve wracking. It makes me want to throw up, with a smile. Yeah. Odd. However, to put it into perspective, my Father, a long-time Phillies fan told me the other day that listening to some of the great baseball calls of the play offs prior to the Series caused tears to stream down his face. Being a fan of Philadelphia sports isn't just a fad or a 'fun''s really deep and personal. The Phillies get this and understand that the fans dont just watch and cheer, they understand the game and analyze it and talk about it around the supper table and teach their children from babies on how to understand and cheer for the Phillies. So that starts tonight and i can hardly concentrate on anything today.

Second on the list would be how i'm changing so much of my thinking about food and what i eat and how i eat it and i purchase and from which place and so on. And my desire to grow my own and be more self sufficient and so forth. That is an entire post on it's own.

Third is how amazingly proud i am of my sister. She is a freshman in college and is in Army ROTC and will be sworn in through National Guard this year and then on to Army ROTC next year and eventually, should she keep on that path, will graduate from college as an Officer. She realizes after this summer (when she completes Basic Training) that she will be eligible for deployment- and all that the decision to go forward means. She understands the risks to her very life and yet she is still incredibly excited about doing this and enjoys it. There are no words to express how proud i am of proud my family is (and a bit scared too...we know...we know). When she was home for Fall Break, she brought her uniform and put it on for us...she showed my 93 yr old Grandfather, who served in the Navy in WWII and then worked as a civilian for the Philadelphia Naval Yard for many, many years....and he saluted her. Patriotism runs deep in my family...and now even more so. She is my baby sister...

And there are more things to talk writing sometimes becomes my therapy and i can express my heart better with the written word than the spoken.

Until later....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not again!

Last night, I had to do a road trip - a quick five hour home at 2.30am. It was awesome because i truly love road trips.

What i don't love, however, is when i 'see' things that then happen.

For instance, we stopped at a rest stop early in the trip (because we left so so late) and i waited in the car. While i was waiting, a young, very good looking man went into the restaurant. i noticed him primarily because it was about 9.30pm and yet he was dressed as if he had come from a business meeting and was very neat and tidy and did i mention handsome? He held the door open for an older woman and then proceeded into the restaurat. i noticed when he came out he had a small bag of something and a coffee...and for some reason, i NEEDED to see which car he got into. i didn't realize the 'why' of this but i had that compeling inner tug. i watched him and quietly wished him well. Again, didn't know why i felt like doing that - kinda odd.

When we got back on the road - about five minutes after the young man left - we passed an accident. Car parts everywhere. Glass.. Firetrucks, ambulance and police. It was a mess. Didn't see if anyone was hurt. Didn't want to because it was the car of the young man.

i knew that was going to happen to him. But i didn't realize that i knew it until i saw it.

Not the first time that has happened and it always, always freaks me out. i have learned, though, that when i have an inner drive to wish someone well or take on an interest in that stranger, i pray for them. Asking God to protect them and bless their life.

But it still freaks me out. Everytime.