Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's the wee man stuck in me head

Have you ever watched a movie or telivision program set in Ireland or Scotland and then realise that you can't get that accent out of your mind? It's how it is with me now. i've been watching some BBC Scotland production for the past two days and if i didn't know better, i'd think a wee Scottish man was stuck in me head, pronoucing all me words and telling me funny stories whilst playing the pipes.

And that's how i'm gonna see the old year out - with the Scots or the Irish(as i'm reading a book about Ireland and the two accents are dueling right now to see which one is the winner.)

So Happy New Year to you all and God Bless You and be safe and responsible in your partying

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Kurt said...

I have to turn on the subtitles or close captioning when I watch Scottish or Irish things.