Friday, September 26, 2008

Here's yer sign!

Do you remember when Jeff Foxworthy did his "Here's Your Sign" skits?  Absolutely hilarious.'s headlines remind me of a few.

Like the recall Joann Fabrics has on some chairs...seems that when the legs aren't locked the chairs can collapse.  Really?  Kinda like trying to sit on a lawn chair before it's completely opened?  Well golly's yer sign  and since your so um...'challenged' why don't you just take a seat on the ground.  Most likely that won't collapse on you.

Or the fact that here we are in a HUGE financial mess...the future is more uncertain than ever and so Congress has a little get together to try to fix it.  That's really great - except for the fact that the talks end because the Congressional members are hurling insults across the table at one another.'s yer dunce cap..go sit in the corner and think that perhaps you need to GROW UP a little and realize that the nation is suffering and you are calling the guy opposite of you a 'dummy'.  sheesh

Or maybe even the 'evangelist' who was charged with child porn.  Dude!  i mean really?  Your a preacher (or so you say) and so you SHOULD be reading the Bible and upholding the Christian values you say you believe in.  CHILD PORN IS NOT PART OF THOSE VALUES.  Seriously?  Here's your sign. 

i think all this stupidity is gonna make my head explode.

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