Wednesday, February 3, 2010


For the record, i just love snow.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Climate-Gate interesting is it to continue to read about the 'scandal' of hidden/tampered with data that previously fueled all the Global Warming craziness.

i remember some time ago a local meteorologist stated that the GW bit was really a ruse to get the public all stirred up. He totally believed that if one would study weather patterns, one would see that the earth typically goes in cycles and that warming is part of the cycle, as is cold. And he did believe that we need to care for the earth but not in the way that was being fed to us by the drive-by media.

When i now read how scientists screwed up and hid true facts and tampered with evidence - so that it would prove what they wanted it to - first of all, i think the should be taken out back and shot-their 'data' has cost the general public millions of dollars, but i also think that the general public needs to be more careful and less gullible. Don't just drink the cool some research and figure things out for yourself.

Interesting idea, no?

Monday, February 1, 2010


i have found that if i try to understand and view all that has happened in Haiti in the past three weeks, i feel completely overwhelmed. Completely. Our donations, while needed, are such a drop in the bucket to help that country and the devestation is so complete--the number of amputees alone is staggering and makes one feel very small.

But i have found a blog that has helped me focus on one small organization and one couple and one clinic and that has helped me - given me knowledge, yet held off the nightmares.

i'm going to post the blog address here with one condition. The people who write the blog are American missionaries who have lived in Haiti for a long time. They believe in God. So if you are opposed to either of those things - DO NOT READ IT. Move on and find one that will suit you. But do not leave comments or remarks on their blog that tries to debate what they do or how they operate with their views on God. They have been through hell and back and to be petty and trite is not appreciated.

If you are interested in reading this and even if you disagree - and know how to be a responsible, respectful adult - please do read will get a picture of what is going on and how to donate/pray/help.