Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well...the weekend proved to be a sober yet fun weekend (Maude was NOT allowed anywhere near any kind of vodka! That Maude!).

Although i got very little sleep, today is a very happy day - i'm slightly incoherent and am not sure i'm able to make complete sentences but...

You see...

Phillies are 3-1 in the World Series. I was um...young ...when they won in 1980 yet i remember it well. i was in love with the Phillies then - and so this is a very sweet run for us all. So i've watched each game - sitting beside my brother (who is 16 and has CP) and my Father and phoning my other brother who lives in Florida but is an avid Philadelphia fan. We cheer and boo and might even cry if all goes well tonight. Yes, we are THOSE kinds of fans.

But also - Penn State beat Ohio State, Flyers won, Eagles won..Phillies...

So much winning that my head is spinning (or perhaps that's just lack of sleep!)



And i've already told my Boss that if the Phillies do indeed win the World Series - i'll be taking a vacation day for the Parade.

Yup...we are just those kinds of fans.

::Doing the Happy Dance::

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