Monday, October 23, 2006

Where have i been?

Good grief!  i cannot believe that it's been so long since i last posted!  Where did the time go and what was i doing that prohibited me from posting?  Who knows! LOL

Here it is October, my favourite time of the year.  i just love the smell of the fallen leaves and the feel of the warm sun yet the crispness of the air. i love having four seasons (though the joke for PA is that we have winter, winter, almost winter and road construction as our 'seasons').  Not quite true although it's quite cool today.

i've done a ton of reading this summer as well and only have about seven unread books in my "to read" book pile.  That alone, is a mark of time well spent.  After i'm finished with these i think i'd like to dive back in to many of the classics and reaqaint myself with them.

And i am mourning the terrible loss of my favourite (American) football team.  Philadelphia Eagles.  Ok first of all - they shouldn't play in Florida - i have NO doubt that had they been in Philadelphia, the game would've been completely different.  It was a perfect football day here. Cloudy, temp in the low 50's, breezy - our guys would have excelled and McNabb would've not have to lost his breakfast on National Television.  Yeah, he'll not live that one down for quite some time i'm thinking.  Secondly, it was a game that they played horribly..they are a better team than that and quite frankly they didn't bring their A game...or B or C...  And what's with a 62 yrd fied goal?  Goodnight nurse nancy - that was ridiculous...the guy misses on 28 yrds yet can do a 62 yrd???  Check his blood!  ok ok enough moaning about football - even my favorite of favorites, Brian Dawkins, was quiet - and man when he gets fired up - watch out...that fierce expression that he gets on his face makes me weak in the, i'm serious...weak....

i hope to be a better blogger...i was lovingly chastised by a friend ((((((((cary)))))))) to get a move on..and i will!!!