Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Dinner Party, Part II

When the guests arrived, they found a hostess that was very calm and cool and had things well under control.  The moment of panic i had earlier was fun but thankfully didn't stay.

So we ate, and ate, and ate...a six-course meal, prepared by me and enjoyed by all (unless they all lied to me!).  One couple, newly engaged, asked (in a moment of weakness,i'm thinking) if i'd cater their wedding supper.  thanks though. i could help them plan the food but there is a huge difference in planning and cooking for 7 or even 20 (which i've done...) and say..200. But it was nice of them to ask.

We ate outdoors where i had taken my kitchen talbe, an antique round table, outside and set it up with my best china and crystal.  Another fun panic attack came when i realized that the lid to my good silverware had been opened abit and all my silver was tarnished.  my precious mother came to the rescue bringing over not just one but both of her sets and the night was saved.  Seriously, i don't know what i would've done...served a fancy-schmancy meal with plasticware? um...   So i have a silverware polishing party in the works...oh goody.

i had candles everywhere - and the effect was exactly how i wanted it - kinda majical.  my garden is very lush and full right now, so that just added to the whole picture.  Someone remakred that being in the back yard didn't even feel like we were in the city. It really was special.

Yesterday i did all of the cleanup and my house is back in order and today, this glorious Sunday,i am sipping my's only 63 outside (YUM) and the sun is bright and lovely.  It's going to be a good day.

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