Monday, July 7, 2008

Not such a great beginning to the week

Today, at 0423. i was woke up.  Harshly.  Writhing in bed, breaking out into a sweat, moaning over and over "Oh not that, please not that...ohhh make it stop - please not that...breathe girl breathe...nooooooo..."

And then panted and tried to relax my left calf muscle which had gone into a charley horse spasm.


Ever been awakened that way?

Yeah...not so hot.

It's still quite sore and i babied it this morning at the gym - only walking for 30 min and then did upperbody weights.  By tomorrow it out to feel a bit better and hopefully i won't wake up the same way either.

Here's hoping!

Oh and if you see Charley - give him back his dang horse - i don't want it anymore!

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krtanthony said...

No, but I often get awoken by a tickle in my throat just as I'm falling asleep, usually during a nap, rather than during nighttime sleep.