Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Common, Mr. E

Dear Mr. E,

Today you have the nerve to use the Elliptical that i had just gotten off of - and i was struggling today, really struggling.  In fact, Mr. E, i only did 20 min because i just wasn't having a good workout day.

And!  you could've really gotten to the gym about 15 min earlier and been on the machine next to me and helped a sister out.  But no! No, you only thought about yourself and the fact that you do about 7+ mph and no one else even is close to that at that time in the morning and and...

And..well..just know that next time?  Yeah, next time you come to the gym and dare to not help me by setting a good example?  Well..i just might spill my water on you! ha!




And in other news:

Want to hire:  A Marine Drill Sgt for MWF @ 5am at my gym

Reason: To yell at me and make me stay on the machine and not give up

Salary:  Sheer joy in yelling at me @ 5 am on MWF




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